Industry Nine Grade300 wheelset ready for park laps

Burly alloy rim has 30mm internal width, comes in 27.5 and 29

27.5 29er Wheels
Industry Nine Grade 300

The Grade300 is Industry Nine’s toughest alloy wheelset.

The Grade300 is Industry Nine’s new downhill wheelset. The aluminum rim features a 30mm inner width, which is 1.5mm more than the previous version. The brand says this rim width improves tire sidewall support under cornering, while still playing nice with the most common tire sizes on the market.

Industry Nine Grade 300

The new rim is wider, stronger, and easier to set up tubeless.

To offset the weight of stretching out the rim, Industry Nine relied upon extensive finite element analysis to optimize the rim profile, they say. By moving material around, they were able to keep weights comparable to the previous version, while greatly increasing strength. A key element was moving material to the bead wall, which helped improve impact resistance.

Industry Nine Grade 300 Rim Cutaway

Narrowing the bead channel, widening the bead seat, and adding material to the bead wall helped improve durability.

Other changes to the rim include a narrower bead channel and wider bead seat. These changes make it easier to seat tubeless tires and helps reduce burping.

Industry Nine Grade 300

Larger diameter aluminum spokes help increase stiffness.

The Grade300 rims are laced to Grade spokes, which are thicker than Industry Nines standard aluminum spokes. These bigger spokes increase stiffness and durability. Like all of I9’s aluminum bits, they’re available in 11 different anodized colors.

The new wheelset will be available in 27.5 and 29er. Industry Nine claims the 27.5 version tips the scale at 1880g, while the 29er version is an even 2000g. Price varies depending on how custom you go, but the basic wheelset will set you back $1255.

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