Is this the world’s longest flow trail?

7.1-mile Flow Country trail on Mount Petzen in Austria


Is this the world’s longest flow trail?

Check out Enduro World Series racers Yana Dobnig and Julian Hauer, and local mountain bike guide Christoph Schaunig tackle Mount Petzen in Austria. The 7.1-mile Flow Country trail is one of the longest mountain bike flow trails in the world. It was built by Didi Schneider, one of Europe’s best mountain bike trail designers.

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  • weezer says:

    Berm, roller, roller, repeat….yawn.

  • Sun says:

    That speed thru the turns was quite terrifying to me!

  • Mickey says:

    I appreciate some burms, and jumps here and there, but 20 minutes of what looks like the same thing. Meh. Isn’t this what bike parks are for?

  • Johnny Rotten says:

    It was (somehow) sort of boring to watch 20 minutes of that in a video, I suppose, but man, it’d be absolutely AMAZING to ride that, methinks. That’s my kind of trail right there. Looks like fun. I doubt it’d feel so repetitious if you’re actually riding it…

  • Steven W. says:

    Its a Long flow trail, did you expect rock gardens and steep drops o.O. Personally it looks like fun, but 20mins of virtually the same thing is a bit boring lolz. The 1st 5 mins you get the gist of what the trails like.

  • Nick Wilson says:

    Looks like a really long B-Line at Whistler. That’s a snooze-fest even for the 5 minutes or so it takes to do it at warp speed.

  • gottatrysomething says:

    they were definitely having fun…lol I also would be manhandling the brakes-those brakes would be burnt out!

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