Jared Graves signs 2-year Agreement with Nema International!

Ventura, California (November 12, 2008) Nema International is proud to announce that Jared Graves has joined the Nema family for the next two years! Jared joins the Nema in the midst of an exciting evolution of a true mountain bike clothing brand. With such a dominate force on the racing circuit, Jared is expected to solidify Nema’s presence on the mountain bike race circuit.

“After seeing the gear they made for the rest of the [Yeti] team for the 2008 season, I knew they meant business, so when the opportunity came about to sign on for 2009 I knew it would be hard to pass up,” said Jared Graves. “Nema is a good company that is into making the best riding gear,… and isn’t just all about the bottom line, which is very hard to come by these days. So with that in mind I jumped at the chance!!!”

Jared is respected as one of the world’s foremost gravity racers. Even taking a majority of the 2008 season off, in order to concentrate on his Olympic dream, Jared still dominated every mountain bike race he entered. Now that he’s back to racing mountain bikes full time, expect sheer dominance from Jared in 4x as well as being a top contender in downhill. It’s going to be an exciting season!

“I’ve worked with Jared throughout the years at various brands. At each of those companies, it was one of my top goals to bring Jared on board. The same goes for him here at Nema. He’s one of the few racers in the world that excels at every single discipline – Downhill Champ, 4X Champ, Slalom Champ & BMX Olympian,” stated Dylan Dean (Nema’s marketing & team manager). “Is there any wonder why he attracts so much interest? He’s the perfect face for our brand!!!”

Expect to see Jared’s involvement with future Nema product lines, including a Graves signature line in the near future. For more information on Nema, please visit www.nemabrand.com. For additional information on Jared Graves, visit his personal website at www.jaredgraves.net.

About the company…
Through its roster of high profile athletes, Nema International is recognized as a leader in riding & racing apparel for the mountain bike community. Nema has continued to define the mountain bike apparel category, all the while staying true to the original goal… the product – fusing function & fashion for the world of mountain biking. Led by team manager Dylan Dean, Nema sponsors mountain bike star athletes including Sam Blenkinsop, Justin Leov, Aaron Gwin, Team Yeti / Fox Shox, Brad Benedict, Ryan Condrashoff, Shaums March, Kieran Bennett, Mick Hannah & many more! For more information, visit Nema’s website at www.NemaBrand.com.
source: Dylan Dean

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