Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss: Lynn Woods, Massachusetts

Is this the most technical mountain biking per square acre in U.S.?


Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss: Lynn Woods, Massachusetts

Jeff Lenosky is back with another Trail Boss episode, this time from the Lynn Woods in Massachusetts. “I have had so many comments on my YouTube channel and Facebook telling me that I needed to check out this place,” Lenosky explained. “I knew it would have good terrain, but since it’s not an ‘exotic’ riding destination I wasn’t in a huge hurry to check it out.”

Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss: Lynn Woods, Massachusetts

“Well, I am so stoked that I did,” he added. “This was definitely the most technical mountain biking per square acre that I’ve ever seen. The entire park is literally Trail Boss video worthy. So when you’re close to Boston, and you have to pick a trail, go with the most obvious one…. WICKED HARD!”

Check out the complete description here and then press play to see Lenosky ride the unrideable.

A veteran rider with a 20-year professional career and three Observed Trials U.S. National Championships to his name, Lenosky uses his skills to ride the unrideable in Trail Boss. When you ride an entire trail you may feel like a Boss, but without the proper skills Mother Nature can quickly remind you who’s really in charge. This video series explores some of the most technical trials around and provides tips so you can become a Trail Boss, too.

You can catch more episodes here, here, and here. Want to learn more about the bike Lenosky rides. Check out this video where he breaks down all the key details of his size XL Giant Trance Advanced trail slayer with 130mm of travel up front and 110mm in the rear.

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  • Michael says:

    Great Video Jeff, and thanks for the outstanding review.

    I hope you had a chance to check out most of the park. I am the Ride Ambassador for The attached Link is an Expert Level Mountain Bike ride, that features “The Wicked Hard Trail” as shown in your video. This link has a downloadable map, along with a written description and Photos. Check out the other “Rides” and Hikes at this website for Lynn Woods. Thanks for the great Review. Busted_Spoke

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