Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss Series tackles Schooner Trace

See Indiana track that was genesis for this How To video series

Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss

See if Jeff can clear the most technically demanding trail within Indiana’s Brown County State Park.

This latest Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss episode comes from Schooner Trace, THE trail behind the Trail Boss series.

“I had been traveling to Indiana for years doing trials demos and I kept hearing about a trail that was supposedly unrideable,” explains Lenosky. “I was skeptical because in all honesty, it was Indiana, not exactly a what you would picture as a mountain bike Mecca.”  

But according to MTB Project, the Schooner Trace Trail is by far the most technically demanding trail within Indiana’s Brown County State Park. This expert-rated track features narrow singletrack, steep climbs, and frequent technical features that require advanced skills to ride. Expect lots of rock gardens, ledges, large logs, tight switchbacks, and even areas that combine all of the above. 

A couple years back Lenosky decided to finally check it out and was pleasantly surprised. The riding was incredible, he says. Then a friend posted a short YouTube clip and it got a bunch of views leading Lenosky to believe that people would be interested in seeing technical trails getting ridden. That was genesis for this series. Press play to see what happened the first time.

And here’s the latest episode when things went a little better.

A veteran rider with a 20-year professional career and three Observed Trials U.S. National Championships to his name, Lenosky uses his skills to ride the unrideable in Trail Boss. When you ride an entire trail you may feel like a Boss, but without the proper skills Mother Nature can quickly remind you who’s really in charge. This video series explores some of the most technical trials around and provides tips so you can become a Trail Boss, too.

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Want to learn more about the bike Lenosky rides. Check out this video where he breaks down all the key details of his size XL Giant Trance Advanced trail slayer with 130mm of travel up front and 110mm in the rear.

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  • john yaworsky says:

    Inspiring. I rode in Brown country. Thank goodness i didn’t stumble into Schooner Trace! Cool place. Great video.

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