Jeff Lenosky’s top tips for riding flat pedals

Proper foot position, gear choice, saddle height, and much more

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Jeff Lenosky's top tips for riding flat pedals

Learning to ride flat pedals is a skill every mountain biker looking to ride technical terrain should practice. I learned the skill early on through trials riding, but when I mountain bike I prefer to clip in. The most common question I receive on my YouTube channel is whether or not I could do these moves without clips. I always tell people you could ride either, but I wasn’t practicing what I preached. I decided to put my money where my mouth is and ride a technical trail with a variety of moves on flat pedals. Ride along with me while I give you my top tips for riding flat pedals. I’ll give you tips on foot position, gear choice, saddle height, and using your upper body to control the bike.

A veteran rider with a 20-year professional career and three Observed Trials U.S. National Championships to his name, Lenosky uses his skills to instruct riders. You can also see him ride the unrideable in his Trail Boss video series. You can catch some of those episodes here, here, and here.

Jeff Lenosky's top tips for riding flat pedals

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About the author: Jeff Lenosky

Jeff Lenosky helped pioneer urban mountain biking, fusing his background in BMX and observed trials, then taking it to the streets. Featured in dozens of mountain bike movies, the New Jersey native travels constantly doing trials demos at bike shops, festivals and races, and even jumping in the occasional cross country or enduro race.

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