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Light Price Claimed Lux Measured Lux Run time Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight
Jet Lites A-51 $199 700 40 lux 3:00 94 259 380

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.

Light Meter Measurements:

This light measured 40 lux on our light. This was a bit lower than expected as most of the competition rated at 700 lumens came in at 45-50 lux.


  • great value at $199
  • good battery and charger for the price and upgrade paths are available
  • CNC’d head unit is A+
  • bar mount and helmet mount are excellent
  • helment mount crash detach feature is a good safety feature
  • US made and US supported.
  • connectors are bulletproof!


  • light output came in a bit lower than expected
  • ultra long wires are not ideal

Bottom Line:

If you want a basic, handmade helmet light with a traditional design, this is a good solution. You will be blown away by the light output possibility of a single helmet mounted head unit.

Beam Pattern Photos:



Beam Pattern and side by side comparison page available here.


Value Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars



Overall Rating:

4.75 out of 5 Stars




Mtbr Lights Shootout Main PageMtbr Lights ReviewsMtbr Lights Forum

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