Jet Lites X-51 – 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootout

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Jet lites does not mess around. The proprietor, David Joseph solves problems then he iterates over and over until the solution is as good as can be for his customers.  He pays deep respects to the work of  the founder Jim Taylor as he keeps Jim’s legacy alive with quality and safety for the mountain biker.

We spent hours talking to David on the phone and many months testing his lights.Some of the highlights we’ve noticed are:

  • Lights are designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Casing is CNC’d to the highest standards to be durable and to have the best heat dissipation
  • LEDs and boards are optimized to transfer heat efficiently to the casing and protect the LED
  • Electronics protect the LED from overheating
  • Batteries are tested and the best available are used.
  • Handlebar mount is quick release  and can hold two light heads. Adaptors may be available to mount a GoPro or Contour camera in the future.
  • Helmet mount features a breakaway design to protect the rider’s neck in the event of a crash.
  • Charges are well designed and extremely safe.  They optimize safety of the user and long life of the battery.

So what’s not to like? It’s US made, well designed by a company that knows their stuff and backs up the product for years to come. Jet Lites, based in Reno Nevada is conservative about making claims about their products and they always try to ensure their customers are taken care of. They’re very active in the local mountain biking scene too as they support local groups, events and festivals.

So is the light any good? That’s where mtbr comes in. We’ve ridden this light and the predecessor A-51 for many miles.  The design is solid as the light is robust and the mount is one of the best.  This version of the light comes with the latest CREE XM-L led and that really is the brightest emitter available today. We ride, measure, ride photograph. Read on and find out.


  • Price: $200.00
  • Claimed Lumens: 1000 Lumens
  • Light Head Weight: 92.5 grams
  • Installed Weight: n/a grams
  • Run Time: n/a hours
  • Measured MTBR Lux: 72 Lux
  • Measured Lumens: n/a Lumens


The light can be mounted with the robust handlebar center-mounts from Jet. These mounts are extremely high quality and place the light right over the stem. There is a single mount and a dual mount version and both are center mounted with the highest quality plastics we’ve seen in this shootout

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  • Danny Taffe (@Packfodder) says:

    I bought one last year (2011 model) directly from Jetlites. Works great, a big upgrade from my prior Niterider Minewt 200. Company was responsive, everything arrived in good order within a week.

  • Lee says:

    “Another excellent data point is the lumen-hour graph below”

    Where is that graph (or a link to it)?

  • Michael says:

    This is a great light and the handlerbar mount is awesome. I ordered direct from Jetlites and everything went smoothly.

  • Ken says:

    This is a great light. Figure in the price and it’s even better. Both the bar and helmet mounts work without any problems. One of the better systems I have used. I use this as a helmet mounted spot in conjunction with a bar mounted 380 lumen flood for a great combination. The low beam is plenty of light for the slow climbs. Press the easy access button on the back of the light and the high beam is perfect for fast single track descents. The round battery is a little odd at first if you plan to frame mount it, but the rubber mount works great. For the helmet mount I throw it in my hydration pack and have no issues. Ordered direct from JetLites on Thursday and was riding with it Saturday night. Great product and company.

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