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The new Ergon GE1 grip follows along the design’s concepts of their existing GA1 series of grips. The grip was developed for gravity specific mountain biking with input from Fabian Barel, and it utilizes two rubber compounds for damping purposes and a textured section which works opposite the direction of hand rotation to help for a more secure hold. The ergonomic shape took into account that use of wider handlebars, and that the user holds the grips out at the end and keeps their arms bent. The grips have a nice tactile feel, with enough softness and give for comfort and some robustness for longevity. The aluminum lock-on clamp resides internally to provide more outer width. The GE1 rubber, texture, shape and design provide good security and decrease fatigue on rough terrain, making for an all-round ergonomic grip. The GE1 comes in blue, red, black and gray, and will retail for $34.95.

If you curl your hand, you’ll notice that your grip has a slight concave shape to itself. When grasping a normal grip with the same diameter along its length, the flat surface causes the hand to push the palm downwards, spreading it out in an unnatural position, which causes stress, weakens holding power and irritates the ulnar nerve. The GE1 uses a multidimensional convex shape that cradles the hand’s curve in a natural and ergonomic manner, which increases comfort, support and performance, and reduces hand fatigue. The GE1 grip and your hand form a synergistic matched pair, so less force is required for any activity.

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About the author: Brian Mullin

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  • Scott says:

    I am riding the GA1’s and I love them, but what I like most about them is they are thickest in the middle to keep my hand from flattening out which I think causes my hands to get tired more than anything else. The GE1 doesn’t appear to have this feature.

    • Brian Mullin says:

      The GE1 isn’t quite as thick as the GA1, which I have on my Mojo HDR. They both have a middle bugle, but the GA1 is much more prominent. I wouldn’t say that the GE1 cause the hand to flatten out like a normal grip, as they still have a lot of ergonomic shape to them to prevent this sort of issue. I’ll have some followup once I get more time on them.

      • Forrest says:

        Thoughts between the two? I’m probably going to get the GA1’s for their more prominent shape but they do seem to be very similar.

  • Pea says:

    Have these got some kind of hard end cap? It wouldn’t take long before they got torn up if leaning against things or got caught going through narrow tree gaps etc.
    Glad they got rid of the flange of the GA1, was the main reason I didn’t like them.
    Would like to give these a go.

    • Ergon USA says:

      Pea, the inside core of the grip is plastic. The outside of the grip is 2 kinds of silicon rubber. The end/edge of the grip is plastic…..ie: you lean your bike against a wall, it touches plastic. Anything your hands touch is rubber. Everything else, plastic. The GA1 still exists for 2014. It gets updated with the same rubber used in the GA1.

      • KG says:

        What retailers have these available right now?

      • Shawn says:

        When I climb I put my hands on the ends of the grips. As if there were short bar ends there. It helps me climb better. Although, plastic there on the end shouldn’t bother me. I can see how the plastic on the end is a good idea.

  • DoeBoy says:

    I’ll never get Ergon grips again. They re-activated my Tendonitis from being locked in the same position for so long 🙁

  • KG says:

    I’ve been running the GA1 for the past 2 seasons and really like the slight-ergonomic curvature. I’m excited to try these and will to do as soon as I can buy them. Where are they available other than directly from Ergon? Straight from Ergon they are pushing $45 by the time shipping is covered. That’s a bit over the top….

  • Ergon USA says:

    KG, other retailers will have the GE1 in the next 7-10 days. Check out places like Backcountry.com, JensonUSA, etc.

    Also, above there is a typo. The 2014 GA1 uses the same silicon rubber(s) as the 2014 GE1. The GE1 represents a new German rubber compound we are using in all performance designed grips: GE1, GA1, GS Series. The rubber is tackier and softer.

    On an unrelated note, just posted up a GE1 installation “how to” on our blog: http://www.ergon-bike.com/us/en/blog/?p=5805

    Jeff K
    Ergon USA

  • Josh says:

    How is the size for riders with bigger hands (XL Gloves). My default grip is the ODI Rogue since it has a bigger diameter. How would you say these compare?

  • r1Gel says:

    This has caught my eye. How would it fare on a high sweep bar (Ragley Carnegie’s)?
    The cutout in the core is a great idea. Surprised no one has employed it before.
    When will this be available in Southeast Asia?

    • seano says:

      I have the GA1’s on two Carnegie bars…and they are magic. Best Ergon option for these swept bars. I’d imagine that these new GE1’s will be fine.

  • r1Gel says:

    BTW, cool 66sick saddle! 😉

  • TMC says:

    What is the diameter of these grips? Is it small like an ODI Ruffian? Or larger like an ODI Rogue? Thanks!!

  • Ergon USA says:

    The diameter of the GE1 is +/- 31mm. I say +/- as the GE1 is not a perfectly round grip. It has subtle shaping.

    Jeff K
    Ergon USA

  • Nutria says:

    What are the width and the Diameter of the GE1? also in the website there isn’t these information

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