Kali Protectives Launches New Viva helmet for dirt jumpers or park riders

The Viva combines skate-lid style with real bike helmet protection at an affordable price

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The Kali Viva is a skate style lid with bike helmet safety.  Available in 3 colors.

The Kali Viva is a skate style lid with bike helmet safety. Available in 3 colors (click to enlarge).

Kali Protectives has been developing their new Viva helmet for a couple of years and it is now available on the market. The Viva is a skate-style helmet designed for dirt jumpers, bike park riders or even commuters and urban riders. It has a thin profile but still passes bike certification standards and has a price that is affordable for most groms.

In this edit, Kali’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Bryan Mason gives us a quick overview of the Viva’s features.

How did Kali achieve the low profile with high safety? They use what they call “Composite Fusion 3”, the latest version of the process where the EPS protective layer (foam) is directly injected into the shell and triangle shaped cones are used (instead of circular). The injection process is important because it eliminates the space between the foam and the shell and foam which decreases the number of impacts the brain is subjected to in a crash. To further reduce the size of the helmet, they added multi-density triangular pyramids throughout the EPS liner to help disperse the energy in a lateral direction. The shell itself is a durable, dent resistant ABS material with a bottom polycarbonate wrap. Inside the padding has been designed to reduce sweat drip.

The Kali Viva provides plenty of ventilation for a half shell style helmet.

The Kali Viva provides plenty of ventilation for a half shell style helmet (click to enlarge).

Product Highlights
  • Low profile design to mimic non certified helmet look and fi
  • Polycarbonate wrap to extend foam life
  • Durable dent resistant ABS Shell
  • Moisture wicking padset
  • Extra padset included for sizing
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Meets CPSC and EN1078 Standards

Check out this action vid of Ohio native Nick Bruce rocking his Viva in this session.

The Kali Viva has a comfortable fit and does indeed sit noticeably deeper on the forehead (providing better protection). It is available in 3 colors (black, green, white) and 3 sizes (SM, MD, LG). It has a suggested retail price of $50 and it is available now.

Kali Founder and Director of Engineering Brad Waldron explains the creation and thought process behind the making of the Viva.

From the manufacturer

“The Viva is the best helmet we’ve ever created that no one will ever give a shit about, but that’s ok. We designed this helmet for us. We wanted a helmet that was as comfortable and low profile as a non-certified skate helmet, but integrated all of the top tier safety technologies from our motocross line.

The result is the Viva, the most technologically advanced BMX/Dirt Jump helmet ever made (for whatever that’s worth). It’s about the same size as a skate helmet, super light, and uses a layer of low density foam in conjunction with multi density geometrically shaped foam to dissipate a broad range of impacts – sort of like a crumple zone for your head.”

For more information about Kali visit www.kaliprotectives.com.

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