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Our New Bike’s Name Is Up To You

VOTE NOW: We’ve Weeded Out More Than 3,000 Submitted Names For Our New Magic Link Bike And Four Remain In The Hunt –

Media Contact: Keith Cozzens, [email protected] or 307.734.7575

KONAWORLD (April 20, 2009) – Sure, naming our new all-mountain jewel may have stumped us, but you, oh glorious Kona people, had no problem. After hundreds of emails, our international selection committee has weeded through more than 3,000 names submitted (thank you, thank you) to the following four:

Tanuki – Literally, the Tanuki is a Japanese raccoon-like dog or badger with monster nuts. Enough said. Japanese folklore, however, backs up this name suggestion by explaining how the legendary Tanuki is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and shape shifting. Basically, our new bike in a nut shell (pardon the pun). Fun, adaptability and super oversized cojones.

Magus – Refers to a sorcerer or member of a priestly caste from ancient Persia, which fits nicely with the Magic Link outfitted, 2-bikes-in-1 supernatural powers of this new bike.

King Kilauea – Located on Hawaii’s big island, Kilauea is currently the most active volcano on the Earth. Getting it done, day in, day out, hot burning magma style. The name has a nice fit with the volcano and Hawaiian themes used at Kona over the years.

Cadabra – It’s been used for centuries, by shamans through to modern day magicians. An abbreviation of the power laden “abracadabra,” that again, fits nicely with the Magic Link capabilities of this bike.

So, the time has come for you – dedicated Kona riders – to help choose the name of our new Magic Link six-inch travel bike. CLICK HERE TO VOTE ON A NAME TODAY.

Every four days, based on your votes for the names you want to win, we’ll drop the least popular name until we arrive at our winner, who will get a sick new Tanuki, Magus, King Kilauea or Cadabra for their tagging efforts.

Other prizes include a burly, crusier-style AfricaBike, new men’s Freddy Jacket, set of Wah Wah pedals and a Kona men’s or women’s riding jersey.

For more info hit: www.konaworld.com.

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