Koroyd pushes to reduce head injuries

Understanding outdated bike helmet laws with automotive head impact research

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The Smith Forefront was the first to use Koroyd.

The Smith Forefront was the first to use Koroyd.

Bike helmets leave a lot to be desired. They protect to the standard required by government testing but few understand what those standards really are. And helmet companies have little incentive to improve protection beyond the standard required by law.

Now, in this age of concussion and brain damage awareness, consumers are becoming aware and concerned about the issues. The standards for helmets are simply not good enough to protect against soft blows and concussions. But now the landscape seems to be changing as more companies and consumers are clamoring for better helmets and better standards.

Koroyd, specialist in energy absorption materials, has launched the Helmet Safety Initiative, an initiative to educate riders on the risks of suffering severe head injuries and a call to manufacturers to build the next generation helmets, with significantly improved energy absorption capabilities.

Helmet safety standards state the maximum allowed deceleration of the head when it impacts onto a surface. Many of the international standards allow a maximum deceleration at the reference impact velocity between 250 and 300 g, which is associated with risks between 40 and 79% of suffering a skull fracture, based on Prasad/Mertz head injury risk curves used in the automotive industry.

Koroyd deforms to dissipates the force of impact

Koroyd deforms to dissipates the force of impact.

First came the Forefront with Koroyd throughout the helmet. The lower cost Rover uses the expensive Koroyd in more strategic places.

Koroyd is used on the new Smith Rover helmets

Koroyd is used on the new Smith Rover helmets.

Koroyd is a technology platform provider specializing in reducing shock and vibration. They have several partners in the automotive and active sports industry, proving that their technology is compelling.

Koroyd is used for back protectors and other applications

Koroyd is used for back protectors and other applications.

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