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Kind Shock had their new KS LEV remote cable actuated adjustable seatpost on display, and it will be available in the next couple of weeks, in lengths of 100, 125 or 150 mm, and diameters of 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 mm for $395. They were selling a few of them at Sea Otter to a few lucky souls. The very trick LEV has the cable directly attached to the main body or outer tube of the post, instead of the atypical position on top of the telescoping head. The attachment at the post collar means the cable connection remains stationary relative to the saddle’s movement, removing issues with excess cable, such as interference with legs, tires, frames, etc. The new design will give a cleaner and more direct routing line to the seatpost, and will allow greater flexibility with different bicycle geometries and manufacturers, and hence, better cable management. Another benefit of the lower connection is the redesigned saddle clamp, which is a micro adjustable two-bolt system, making for more precise and easier saddle changes.

The system still uses their same basic air return sprung/hydraulic internals, with the one-way self-adjusting bearings, along some newly updated engineering knowledge learned from their previous models. The cable can be easily disconnected from the post by popping the cover off, and pulling the small spring loaded clasp out of the system. The clasp attaches to a barrel, which then connects internally to the innards of the post. The carbon remote can be integrated with an ODI grip if desired, which makes for a nice option.

KS Lev Specs:

  • MSRP: $395
  • Visit the KS LEV website
  • Diameter – 31.6mm, 30.9mm, 27.2mm
  • Length / Travel – 335mm / 100mm (30.9 and 31.6mm dia), 385mm / 125mm (30.9 and 31.6mm dia), 435mm / 150mm (30.9 and 31.6mm dia), 400mm / 100mm (27.2mm dia)
  • Actuation – Carbon fiber remote lever
  • Head / Rail – Zero offset standard rail
  • Color – Black anodized mast and head w/ hard anodized stanchion
  • Weight – 510-580g (30.9 and 31.6mm including remote and cable), 538g (27.2mm including remote and cable)

About the author: Brian Mullin

Brian likes to push the limits in all the sports he obsesses in, whether it's mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, skiing, or sport climbing. He takes those same strengths and a good dose of insanity to his reviewing and writing on mountain biking products, creating technical, in-depth articles. Whenever he's not on the bike, he might be found watching MotoGP racing, otherwise look for him out on the trail.

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  • Jeff says:

    can the cable be routed to the rear of the seat post if desired?

  • Chris says:

    Yes, I read an article on a german board and it said it can be turned 360 to make it work with any frame.

  • Cliff says:

    Any chance on a long term review on the KS LEV?

  • Cliff says:

    I have had mine for 4 months now with at least 150 hours and more than a couple of crashes, lots of intentional technical drops, and jumps, and zero issues. Still waiting for a long term review, too.

  • Cliff says:

    Oh, and Bike Bling is selling them for $345 with a price match. Shop around for a deal. I did. I also had a 2012 Reverb that failed in less than 3 months. Rockshox supported it really well, but I did not want to continue to have it replaced. I did not like the control line moving up and down in my suspension linkage so the KS LEV was a nice upgrade for me. I also like the KS’s remote much better. If the KS fails, I may go back to a standard seatpost and wait for a bombproof option, but so far, so good.

  • RG says:

    I rode one on an Ibis Mojo SL demo in Pisgah Forest, NC. Forgot I had a dropper when I started down. Great actuation, predictable, smooth drop and return, no saddle wiggles, can’t pick it up by the seat whie dropped but I can live with that! After riding it I’m stoked. The Ibis rep. said they’ve had great luck with them, no worries.

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