Las Vegas, Nevada trail report

There's more to Sin City than slot machines and bad buffets

If you need an escape from winter where you live, Vegas is an inexpensive vacation option that will keep everyone happy.

If you need an escape from winter (or your day to day), Las Vegas is an inexpensive vacation option (gambling losses not included) (click to enlarge).

Editor’s Note: Jordan Carr and co-author and photographer Leilani Bruntz spent the last year traveling the country spreading the gospel of mountain biking as the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew. Along the way they got to explore some of the country’s best riding locales, and then share them with you in this reoccurring Mtbr Trail Report series. Follow Carr and Bruntz’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram, and let us know in the comments section below if you have additional beta about these great riding destinations. And be sure to check out some of their other write-ups, including Salida, Colorado, Oakridge, Oregon, Phoenix, Arizona, and Cable, Wisconsin.

Las Vegas will always be best known for casinos, conspicuous consumption, and hot weather. But Sin City has more to offer than sensory overload and blasting air conditioning. Just outside Nevada’s largest city is an extensive array of public lands where mountain bikers can find a scenic escape. It’s the perfect place to burn off the calories you consumed at that all-you-can-eat buffet.

Both Red Rock Canyon and Bootleg will no doubt leave you wondering how these serene places can be situated so close to the sprawling excess that is Las Vegas.

Both Red Rock Canyon and Bootleg Canyon will leave you wondering how these serene places can be situated so close to the sprawling excess that is Vegas (click to enlarge).

Though there are many smaller trail networks in and around Las Vegas, two stand out. To the west, the Red Rocks National Conservation Area managed by the Bureau of Land Management boasts a beautiful yet merciless landscape featuring a unique mix of geologic features and prickly high desert vegetation. On the other side of the sprawling metropolis, Bootleg Canyon offers even more variety, with an excellent mix of both gravity and XC trails.

Recent trail successes can be attributed to the extensive volunteer hours accumulated by the Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association. SNMBA has been diligent both working on trails and creating the vital relationships with local land agencies to create these accessible and varied opportunities. If you enjoy your time on the singletrack surrounding Las Vegas consider contributing to their efforts at

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About the author: Jordan Carr

Having spent more than half his life riding all types of bikes at almost every type of cycling event, Carr loves the freedom two-wheeled travel has brought to his life. Having spent many years behind the stand at a bike shop, he’s tested mountain bike products for a number of publications. Follow Carr's adventures as they travel the country promoting trails and mountain biking on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • joe says:

    Evening ride (higways/streets) from Red Rock Canyon down to Las Vegas strip is just as much fun. Fast and easy. On the way to your hotel you’ll “score” all the shows casinos offered to public. Traffic, crowds and “smart a.. on a bike”.

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