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Launch Components a new British bike company based in Glasgow and run by two engineers passionate about bringing unique and bold design to the Mountain bike market. Launch Components aims to create high quality products that stand out from the crowd and consistently deliver the high performance required for extreme use.

Launch components began its journey in 2010 when work on the Launchpad pedal started. As the pedals developed this side project quickly became serious as we realised how great creating our own products could be. By 2011 we had decided that owning our own company and working towards our own goals was what we wanted to do, we were now purely working to create our company. In 2012 we really began developing the actual brand and by mid 2012 Launch Components was official. We have now released the Launchpad pedal and we are also making good progress with the development of a new stem for release before September.

At the moment launch components is basically operated by the two founding engineers, our academic backgrounds are in mechanical and design engineering, we are primarily experienced in automotive design and machine tool development. We have always been into bikes, both of us favouring any sort of riding that doesn’t involve too much uphill (step ups the only exception). We met for the first time while skipping school to ride the local bmx track. Our riding experience has a strong impact on our designs.

Launch Components is looking to move forward rapidly, we intend to increase our product range considerably over the next year and create a solid brand within the mountain biking market. During the coming year we also aim to develop manufacturing solutions to create products at a lower cost allowing us to enter international markets such as the US and lower the cost to our customers here in the UK.

The Launchpad pedal
The launch pad pedal is a high performance flat pedal designed for downhill abuse yet light enough for XC, featuring a tough oversized HSLA steel axle with Titanium Carbo-Nitride coating and super thin, large platform Magnesium body. The Launchpad Pedal is currently available for pre-order at £152.99 Inc. postage + bonus.

A tough dependable pedal assembly

  • Built for DH, yet light enough for XC
  • Full CNC manufactured
  • Ultra low profile Magnesium body – 120mmm x 100mm platform
  • HSLA steel axle with high-tech tool grade coatings
  • Optimised pin placement and concave profile for superior grip
  • Overall weight: sub 300g (Steel axle, Magnesium body)

A slim and stable body, designed for optimal grip characteristics

  • Unique contoured profile minimizes weight and maximises grip
  • Ultra slim cross section (8-10mm), Highly sloped edges for excellent rock deflection
  • Generous platform area of 120mm x 100mm
  • CNC manufactured from ultra-light weight Magnesium alloy billet (>69g/pedal body)
  • Low surface area keeps grip high even when wet
  • Large chamfered cut-outs clear mud effectively

Dependable axle system on a diet

  • Created from tough HSLA steel for big hit repeatability
  • Tapered design for uniform stress distribution
  • Oversized for massive strength and stiffness
  • Plasma coated with high-tech tool grade coatings for abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Your choice of Titanium Nitride (TiN), or an upgrade Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) coating offers even greater resistance to the elements

ZEN bearings, precision manufactured in Germany to keep things rolling.

  • Deep grove thin section units are used throughout
  • Slim line profile and high combined axial and radial loading capabilities
  • A combination of 4 fully sealed replaceable cartridge bearings used on each axle
  • Additional seals housed in body to further isolate your bearings from the outside world and remove unwelcome spin

Pins designed to take one for the team

  • Pins will shear upon severe impact saving the pedal body from fatal damage
  • Damaged pins are easily removed from the back with a standard 3mm Allen key or on the mountain with the quiki end cap
  • No dick moves – Interchangeable with standard M4 cap screws*. So if you get stuck, you don’t get stuck
  • CNC’d from high grade 7075 T6 alloy for high strength and low weight

Quicki End-Cap

  • Always have the right tool for the job
  • Easily removable, incorporating a 3mm Allen key to allow fast replacement of pins
  • Knurled for extra grip
  • Provides easy access for pedal servicing and doubles as a seal

Source: James Campbell

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