Let’s ride with Bill Nye the Science Bike Guy

TV icon boils down the science of having fun on two wheels

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In this new series, Bill Nye dawns his trademark bow tie to explain the magic of riding.

In this new series, Bill Nye dons his trademark bow tie to explain the magic of riding a bicycle.

Do you remember Bill Nye the Science Guy? If you’re like me, you grew up watching his TV program on PBS as a kid. Maybe you’ve seen some of his science programs in school, or played them for your kids. Either way, you’re probably familiar with his iconic segments like “Clever Science Trick” or “Consider the Following.”

Diamondback recently teamed up with this mad scientist to create a series of cycling specific videos. If you loved Bill’s style of explanation as a kid, you’ll love this new series.

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  • Rob says:

    Just a fun commercial, but I was hoping for a little bit of science behind cycling — we still really don’t fully understand the physics behind riding a bike.

  • Jim Tagliareni says:

    You were right to cross out science guy because he is not a scientist!

  • Matt says:

    Please do not promote this clown.

  • Jack says:

    I have to admit though – he does look like he’s spent some time on a bike. Usually the typical journo / celebrity promoting riding point out mysterious features like ‘forks’ as if they were pointing out the dangerous bits on a dragon… then wobble off across the parking lot.

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