Lezyne Super Drive – 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootout

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MTBR Actual Lumens and Lumen Hours Measurements:

This light measured 44 lux ont the MTBR Lux setup.  In a laboratory environment with an integrating sphere, it measured at 421 actual lumens. This is the most exciting field in lights today as 500 lumen self-contained lights have become very affordable. For comparison, the competition is at:

Serfas True 500  $150.00 – 43 Mtbr Lux
Niterider Minewt 600 Cordless  $150.00 – 50 Mtbr Lux
Dinotte XML-1 C $169.00 – 51 Mtbr  Lux
Light and Motion Urban 500 $160.00 – 53 Mtbr Lux

The Lezyne Super Drive is not the brightest but it is the most compelling because of its quality and $110 price. We als want to note its honesty in reporting.  Claiming 450 lumens for a measured output of 421 lumens is one of the most honest we’ve seen to date  as the industry usually 30% off.

Light Meter Charts and Comparison Table »

MTBR Actual Lumens and Lumen Hours Measurements:

Mtbr spent several days in a light laboratory facility and utilized ad $30k integrating sphere to measure some lights. The procedure is described in the video below.  This is very revealing as most lights claim a certain ‘Lumen Output’ without actually measuring the actual lumen output.  We are able to measure actual lumen output with this setup and the measurement for the Lezyne Super Drive is 421 lumens at the peak output.

Another excellent data point is the lumen-hour graph below.  It shows exactly how the light behaves over its whole run time.  A flat graph is good as it means the light output is constant over the its run and the user gets the same light outpu in hour one as in minute one of the light.  It also shows how long the actual run time lasts under ‘high’ mode.  The area inside the graph can be described as the total output of the light for one full battery charge.


  • Great light output for $110
  • Excellent materials and construction with aluminum body
  • Good reflector and lens quality provides a clear and artifact-free beam pattern
  • Field replaceable battery is a great feature for additional run time
  • USB charging plug is well protected against water and the elements
  • The shaping, heatsinking, anodizing of the case is impressive


  • Non-intuitive switch action for turning on and off
  • No helmet mount available at this time

Bottom Line:

This is a ground breaking new light from a new light company.  They could sell a few of these lights at $250 so we suspect they will sell a lot at the $110 price.

The question most people will want answered is ‘Is it bright enough for trail riding? 450 lumens does not sound like a lot’.  The answer is yes. It is a great beam pattern that accomplishes a flood and a decent spot at the same time. Also, it is bright enough as you can see in the photos.  And although it only claims 450 lumens, it actually measures the same at 44 Mtbr lux as the first Magicshine MJ-808 that we got last year that claimed 900 lumens.

And the real bonus is if you want it brighter, buy two. If you want more run time, buy more $10 Lezyne batteries.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Backyard Beam Pattern Comparison Page »
Trail Beam Pattern Comparison Page »

Value Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating: We can give this light 5 stars already but the we’ll put a tiny chink in its armor for lack of optional helmet mount and the quirky light switch logic.

4.90 out of 5 Stars

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  • dave says:

    The clamps are too big for my trek hybrid. Standard bike so be aware.

  • Scott says:

    I special ordered one recently from my LBS and it worked great that same night. When i got home and tried to charge it, the battery omitted a bad acid smell and wouldn’t charge. I took it back and the LBS swapped batteries for me and said it was charging and off i went. I used it a second time and same thing happened. They are going to order me another one. Fingers crossed that it was just a faulty light.

    Over all, since I cannot speak of durability, I can say the design is sleek and quality built. No plastics. I like it, now only if my new one doesn’t do what it did the first time.

  • Alastair says:

    Scott, it sounds like it’s probably your charger at fault rather than the light. Some cheap USB chargers are very poorly regulated and put out far more than 5V.

    • Geoff says:

      I am having charging issues too and it is not the a cheap USB charger. My charger cable came with the light and I am plugging it into my computer. First ride went fine. Then, when recharging, the light would not stop flashing after several hours. It is supposed to stop when the charge is full. I assumed the light still charged, but on my second ride the light went into low power mode after 10 minutes. So, seems as if the light is not holding a charge.

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