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Light Price Claimed Lux Measured Lux Run time Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight
Foride $150 1400 118 1:50 110 295 455

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.

Background Information:

Light and Go is a company based in Korea known as Wonderbike and they get their light sets manufactured in China by Magicshine. They are looking  for US distributors at the time this review was published so all sales and service is handled directly from Korea.

Their lights have very similar build and packaging to the original Magicshine MJ-808 light. But the light heads are different and the four light heads reviewed here look like new designs. Wonderbike owns all the molds for these light heads and thus these should be exlusive to Light and Go.

They are aware of all the battery and charger problems Magicshine has encountered and they explained to us that they have taken steps to resolve them. They’ve gone with better parts and gone through many rounds of testing on the batteries, chargers, wires, etc.

The lights reviewed here are:

Light and Go Firefly – $80 – 400 lumen claimed

Light and Go Owlet – $90 – 700 lumen

Light and Go Fireball – $130  – 1100 lumen

Light and Go Foride – $150 – 1400 lumen

Manufacturer Description

  • Maximum luminous flux of 1400 lumens
  • Extremely wide 24.4 degree beam
  • Custom designed housing for better air flow and heat ventilation
  • Quick release mount for solid and convenient mounting of your light
  • Custom driver board and double switch allows shifting modes up or down
  • Warm color temperature is easy on the eyes
  • 7.4V 4.4A Protected Li-Ion battery pack & more than 110~120(170~180 mins with 6 cell battery pack ) minutes of burning on a high mode
  • 3.5 (5.5 with 6cell battery pack) hours of fast charging. Automatically switches off when batteries are fully charged.
  • Under/Over Voltage Protection + Over Current Protection + Over temperature protection.
  • 5 step fuel gauge warns you that the battery is getting low as time goes by.
    green=100~75%, blue=75~50%, amber=50~5% and Red/and flashing red= remaining 5% **Please be aware! Led indicators might not show you the exact amount of power remaining.
  • Smooth and accurate mode shift by a silicone covered switch
  • no flash modes

Light Meter Measurements:

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  • mattthemuppet says:

    looks like a really tidy light, though the MS battery is a slight cause for concern.

    Any specs for the LEDs? I’m guessing XP-G R5 based on the claimed lumens, but it’d be neat to know. By 5 position switch, do you mean that it’s a rocker/pole switch with 5 separate positions? Or that you can press 5 times to get different light levels? Ta!

  • Matt says:

    This is one of the nicest light patterns i’ve seen on any light and IMHO where the price point should be. However, does Light and Go source their batteries from the same factory in China that Magicshine did/does? Isn’t that a recalled battery pictured above?

  • Todd says:

    I’ve had this light for a couple weeks and it really is quite impressive. I decided the mount does not work for me so I tried a Magic Shine mount, from an MJ-808, and it bloted up nicely. Matt asked about the switch. It has two switched under the silcon cover. When you hit the top button it fires up on high, To lower it you hit the lower button and in steps down with each push. To turn it up you hit the top button. To turn it off you hold either button for a couple seconds. If you fire it up by pressing the lower button first it starts out on the lowest setting first. Any, hope the batteries are good this time around (compared to the Magic Shines).

  • Elliott says:

    Those lights look great but where can I buy one from that has a English site? wonderbikes home page is in Korean (go figure) but I cant read Korean.

  • Mike says:

    So, where’s the switch photo?

  • tommy says:

    hey francois,great review:) thumbs up…but do you know more about the battery pack?it really looks like the recalled magicshine model.
    i must confess i am thinking to get this one:)

  • Matt says:

    Here’s the site in English:
    It looks like Paypal through this site is the only way to purchase them at least until they find some US distributors. Correct me if someone has found otherwise.

  • Peter says:

    Is it really 1400 lumen? I tested it and it’s only about half of what it says.
    And battery and charger are very problematic. Price is cheap….what do you expect?

  • Eric says:

    Does anyone know if the light and go battery pack will work with a magicshine light? I really like the magicshien lights but need a couple battery packs for them.


  • Todd says:

    Peter, please explain your testing. Mine is very non-scientific, just the human eye. It looks like at least two Magic Shine MJ-808s, maybe even three. It also dwarfs my Niteflux Photon Max rated at 800 lumens (50 lux on Francois’ meter). The rating seems legit from my point of view. Don’t know if the battery or charger is crap, however. That said my MJ-808s batteries and chargers have performed well but, I admit, I don’t abuse them either.

  • Peter says:

    I have compared couple of lights with lux tester.(just for my own interest, I’m not a scientist.)
    Light and Motion Sega700 is very similar in lux with magicshine 1400.
    I have MJ-808. I have disassemnbled this light and saw that the pcb drive for the MJ-808 and light and go foride was essentially the same.
    I have used MJ-808 with its charger and battery. I don’t know if it’s just mine that caused the trouble, but the battery wouldn’t charge properly. And the battery and charger for light and go foride is no different from MJ-808.

  • tommy says:

    looks like the company is bankrupt or somethin…everything is sold out…even orings…company is located in china…


  • Andy says:

    I just ordered my Foride and was told not to worry because they will shut down for 5 days for a company holiday. They always shut down the shop completely during this time. Watch out next week…

  • Danny says:

    It was the Korea New Year so everywhere closes for the week. They are definitely legit – I just received a light from them.

  • Jason says:

    How long is shipping taking from overseas to US from their site?

  • tommy says:

    thanks andy…shop looks online but they dont answer my mails:( i wrote 2 one month ago and a third and fourth one,3days ago…no response,is that normal?
    doesnt feel trustfull to me…what is your experience?..

    i am scared if i had some warranty issue,they would simply ignore me,like my mails now…

  • Tu D says:

    Just bought te foride for the bars and I am very impressed. Huge amount of usable light in a flood pattern. Comes with accessories for both bars and helmet. I only use it for the bars so cant comment on the helmet accessories. Construction looks and feel solid. Wish it came in a better box to carry it around in.

  • nrb says:

    What is the conclusion on the quality of the battery? Is there another thread dealing with this? Considering the consequences of bad batteries, I’m surprised there has been no follow up.

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