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Light On! 900 – $475

Light Price Claimed Lumens Runtime Battery Type Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight Lumens per gram Lumens per dollar
Light On! 900 $475 900 2:05hrs Lithium Ion 112 493g 605g 1.49 1.89

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.

Brian Engelen of Light On! didn’t come from the same school of thought as the other Light makers out there. He hails from Oregon where the weather is bad and commuting is the target market for his light. Thus his light is unique compared to the rest of the crowd.

For starters, he has a rotary switch mounted on the battery. This is designed to be weatherproof, foolproof and easy to operate while wearing gloves.

The other diversion is he’s using removable lithium ion batteries. The batteries are removed from the case and charged on separte chargers.

Light Head and Battery Close ups:

img_1995.jpg img_1996.jpg img_1998.jpg

Mounting options:

The Light On! 900 can be purchased to either mount on the handlebar or the helmet. The handlebar mount is a simple loop rubber band that rests the light on the handlebar. It is simple ot use but there is no side to side adjustability.

The helmet mount straps on securely with velcro. It mounts near the front of the helmet so it has a low profile and doesn’t stick up where it can hit low hanging branches.

Light Meter Measurements:

Each Expedition light rated at 900 lumens scored an impressive 57 lux. This compares 56 lux for the the Lupine Wilma 4.


  • Very Bright and very wide beam pattern
  • Excellent weatherproofing
  • Excellent, Made in the USA quality
  • Helmet mount sits very low for great obstacle clearance
  • Big rotary switch is good for gloves and inclement weather conditions


  • Runs hot and is not ideal for summer desert weather
  • Removing the batteries to charge them is a bit odd and inconvient
  • Switch on the Battery is inconvenient when helmet battery is placed in the camelback

Bottom Line:

This light has one of the best beam patterns in this test. It is wide, deep and bright. Last year’s light was a little to wide and left a hole in the middle of the pattern that limited it’s depth. This year, the light has a spot in addition to the wide beam. It is plenty bright that a helmet light and not required for high speed riding.

We’re not sold on the charging exercise of removing and installing the batteries. But the use of Lithium Ion batteries over last year’s NiMH batteries is a huge improvement for climbing and trail riding. As far as getting a weatherproof light that will excel both for commuting and trail riding, this light hits the spot.

Beam Pattern Photos:

2009 Light On! 900

2008 Light On! Expedition


Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

4.0 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.50 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

Read or write reviews:

img_1999.jpg img_2001.jpg img_2000.jpg

A word from the Manufacturer:
The best qualities and competitive advantages of our light:1. Very rugged and built for reliable day to day use.2. Warm white color.3. Wide angle beam pattern with even spread and no hot spots. We
tested different lens angles and I believe we picked the right balance between width and depth of the beam for most riding conditions.4. Compact and lightweight light head. We kept the depth as shallow
as possible. This allows for mounting on the front brim of your helmet instead of the top of the helmet. The light head is not on top of your head to snag low hanging branches.5. Easy to twist mounts on the handle bar and helmet. This allows
you to change the aim of your light when riding conditions change or when you want to avert it from the eyes of others.6. Can be mounted under the bars on bikes with road style drop handle
bars. This keeps the top of your bars clear of clutter.7. Rotary switch with easy to grip knob. Simple operation
on/low/high. Works great with gloves and cold fingers.8. Industrial grade connectors are rated for long life, water
resistance, and won’t come loose while riding. A light system is only as good as its individual components.9. Will continue to run beyond 16 hours at a very low level.10. Battery charges in 1 hour and 15 minutes.11. Easy installation/removal from handle bars.

12. Made in USA.

Our customers can count on getting a high quality product that can be used reliably on a daily basis for years to come. We provide excellent lighting on the trail and on the road. Our light is easily moved from one bike to another so use it on your commuter too. Be highly visible in traffic.

These lights are available individually for handlebar mounting. The Commuter 500 Lumen light sells for $409.00 each and the Commuter 400 Lumen light sells for $359.00 each. As always, Free Shipping!

Also, please take a look at our Fun Reflectors at

Thank you,

Brian Engelen

Owner, Light On!

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