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Emphasis on low weight, increased contact surface area

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Look X-Track Race Carbon

X-Track Race Carbon | $130 | 174 grams

Look has unveiled a new line of pedals dubbed X-Track. Primary design drivers were increased contact surface, low weight, and ease of entry and release, especially in muddy conditions. There are six models: X-Track, X-Track Race, X-Track Race Carbon, X-Track Race Carbon Ti, X-Track Rage, and X-Track Rage Plus. All are SPD compatible, meaning they’ll work with Shimano cleats.

Contact width vary across the Look line depending on discipline. The new cross country X-Track Race series are 60mm, while the trail X-Track Rage are 63mm, and the enduro X-Track Rage Plus come in at 67mm. Claimed weights range from 195g per pedal for the alloy versions to 150g for carbon.

Look X-Track Race

X-Track Race | $90 | 182 grams

Here’s pricing and a full weight breakdown:

  • X-Track | $50 | 195 grams
  • X-Track Race | $90 | 182 grams
  • X-Track Race Carbon | $130 | 174 grams
  • X-Track Race Carbon Ti | $250 | 150 grams
  • X-Track Rage | $75 | 227 grams
  • X-Track Rage Plus | $130 | 218 grams
Look X-Track

X-Track | $50 | 195 grams

Highlight features of the new pedals include lateral contact support that helps guide your foot into your pedal, and provides a point of contact even if you have not yet engaged the cleat. This wide contact area also prevents your foot from sliding on the pedal body and offers support.

X-Track Rage

X-Track Rage | $75 | 227 grams

The mechanism is also designed to work regardless of external conditions (think mud). Increased space allows for better debris shedding and gives the user a more constant and stable feeling of being securely clipped in.

X-Track Rage Plus

X-Track Rage Plus | $130 | 218 grams

Tension is adjustable via a screw allowing the user to tune entry and release resistance. And the pedals spindle is equipped with a double weather-resistant seal that’s designed to withstand sloppy riding conditions.

To learn more spin over to www.lookcycle.com.

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  • Chris says:

    They had a superior designs with extremely high durability and functionality (Quartz and S-track) .. and now they switch to this Shimano clone … why, oh why?

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