LUNA Chix sign Amy Dombroski


Team LUNA Chix has just signed Amy Dombroski, US National U23 Champion in Cyclocross (3x), Cross-Country Mountain Bike, and Road Race for 2010.

Berkeley, CA: The LUNA Pro Team has added another 105 pounds of punch to its powerhouse squad, signing of Amy Dombroski, US National U23 Champion in Cyclocross (3x), Cross-Country Mountain Bike, and Road Race.  Already a star in no less than three cycling disciplines, Dombroski, aka “Lil’ Diesel,” is now perfectly poised to continue her meteoric rise as she steps on board of the starship LUNA Chix Pros this coming New Year’s day.  Dombroski’s breakout 2009 season saw her dicing it up front with Georgia Gould and Katerina Nash on the National Cyclocross circuit, as well as “viciously” sprinting for the win at the Under-23 National Cross country event in Granby, Co.

For 2010, Amy is slated to follow much of the U.S. National Cross Country series, select world caliber events, and the Cyclocross Nationals.  Also look for “Lil’ Diesel” sporting her new LUNA Sport digs at some popular classic events like the Breck Epic and Iceman Cometh.  In Amy’s words, “It is an honor to become a member of LUNA and I look forward to learning from some of the best athletes and management sport can offer. I feel wicked lucky to have the opportunity and confidence to further my cycling with LUNA.”

Amy was born and raised on alpine skis in the boonies of Vermont, eating a lot of beef jerkey, maple syrup, and Phish food.  She currently lives in Boulder, CO (another place overrun by hippies).  Dombroski fittingly has a lightning bolt tattoo’d to her wrist, and there is a bagel hanging in her garage since the building was built in 1989.  She candidly claims it is her good luck bagel and there is no mold on it.

These facts, whether real or made up, are just further confirmation that Amy will make a great fit with the LUNA Pro Team.

source: Marla Streb

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