Lupine Betty – 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootout

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The Lupine Betty is the ‘aspirational’ light. It’s what riders aspire to own when they’ve arrived. It’s what other lights aspire to be when they grow up.  It’s like the Porsche of the lights category. It’s not cheap but it delivers stunning performance and decent value.

In this age of competition and ever-changing LEDs, the Lupine Betty now offers three light heads to accomodate the different needs of high end riders. The three configurations are:

26° / 2600 Lumen
22° / 2300 Lumen
16° / 2050 Lumen

As you’ll see in the photos below, the 16 degree light offers a more focused beam and the 26 degree provides a wider beam. This has to do with rider preference as some folks might prefer a longer rather than a wider throw.

For Mtbr though, we don’t see how anyone will would opt for the 16 degree instead of the 26 degree.  Wider is always better in our view.  And since it is 600 lumens brighter, it’s a slam dunk for us.  Maybe the 26 degree on the bar and the 22 degree on the helmet would form the ultimate setup.

The other big development is the updated hardcase batteries. The batteries are now hard-cased with rubber ends to assist in mounting. This is a great development as this form factor is a a category leader now. Also, different sized batteries are now available so you can have your bright light for two hours or five hours.

As always, the setup is still incredibly light at 460 grams putting out a claimed 2600 lumens. And beneath all this is legendary Lupine quality where you can expect this light to continue working into the next decade.


Mounting is done with the traditional Lupine loop band style. It’s simple and i works.


  • Price: $930.00
  • Claimed Lumens: 2050/2300/2600 Lumens
  • Light Head Weight: 127 grams
  • Installed Weight: 460 grams
  • Run Time: 2 Hours
  • Measured MTBR Lux: 173/197/217 Lux
  • Measured Lumens: 1800/1950/2100 Lumens

MTBR Light Meter Measurements:

The Betty has three light heads and they measured at:

26° / 2600 Lumen – 217 Mtbr Lux

22° / 2300 Lumen – 197 Mtbr Lux

16° / 2050 Lumen – 173 Mtbr Lux

Light Meter Charts and Comparison Table »


  • Extremely configurable now with three available light head with different beam angles
  • The 26 degree light is insanely bright and light.
  • Ultra bright and clean beam pattern that throws a long way
  • Light weight or long run time depending on battery configuration
  • Configurable light levels
  • Extremely high quality


  • Cannot be aimed left to right easily
  • Most of us cannot afford it
  • Light head can get hot

Bottom Line:

The best has gotten better but not cheaper.   Unless you have special needs, the obvious choice is the 26 degree light head. It is wider and brighter.

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  • Jerry says:

    Just like buying other top shelf lights. I just bought me a Busch & Muller “Big Bang” HID Lamp..So nice I dont even want to take it out and use it. I am htinking I need to snag one of these 2600 Lumen Betty’s today..

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