Magicshine Monteer 8000S Bike Light review

8000 lumens for $400



Magicshine has come a long way since their humble beginnings more than a decade ago. And in the last five years, they’ve been coming out with new, innovative products each season to employ the latest LEDs and technology in their lights.

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The Monteer 8000s is new this season and it’s the most powerful in the Monteer line that features the 3500, 5000, 6500 and now the 8000s that each indicate their claimed lumen output. The Monteer 6500 won a few awards last year from different mountain bike publications so we made sure to give this new 8000s a proper test.

Our thoughts and experiences in the video above so make sure to view that for our review and riding video.

It’s a high quality unit with a bright and wide beam pattern.


  • The beam pattern is wide, bright and clean
  • It’s really that bright. 7800 lumens measured in our lab
  • 12 hour run time on 1000 lumen mode is very usable
  • Form factor and weight are compact at about 600 grams total weight
  • Battery can be used as a 10,000 mah portable USB charger
  • Aluminum CNC mount is stable and center mounted
  • Helmet mount and other accessories readily available
  • Sophisticated and simple battery charging with USB-C interface
  • Garmin mount type


  • Wire is too long for handlebar mounting
  • No OLED display for light information
  • Light head and cooling fins are small for the amount of heat this can generate
  • The Spot LEDs can be a little more focused to for greater throw

The system is fairly light and compact for the amount of lumens it throws.

Vital Stats:

  • 8000 lumens max of output
  • Flood light – 4800 lumens max; Spot light – 3200 lumens max
  • 10,000mAh battery, USB Type-C charging and discharging
  • 100 – 50 – 25 – 10% and Flash modes per light mode selected
  • 1.5 to 32 hour runtime from max full beam mode to low but usable mode
  • Garmin base, aluminum alloy out front style handlebar mount
  • Handlebar mount designed for 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars
  • Price: $399.99

Bottom line:

This is a landmark light because of a few things but the greatest attribute to note is the quality of construction of the light and the consistency of the beam pattern. Materials are first-rate and it really is a polished engineering piece. The beam pattern is very clean, even, and wide. It is free of artifacts and it doesn’t end abruptly at the edges.

The brightness is staggering at it is about 3 times brighter than most car headlights. Many will not need this level of brightness so they can save money with the lower-cost options on the Monteer line. But the 12 hours of run-time at 1000 lumen Eco mode is really convenient and usable. It’s a great convenience when one does not need to fully charge one’s bike lights every single ride. And when the situation calls for it, it’s really useful and fun to have 8000 lumens of light at one’s disposal. It’s like having 450hp under the hood. It’s not needed but it’s fun and handy.

It’s $400 but for the quality, usability, and lumens per dollar, it’s actually a good value.

More info: Magicshine Monteer 8000s
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About the author: Francis Cebedo

The founder of mtbr and roadbikereview, Francis Cebedo believes that every cyclist has a lot to teach and a lot to learn. "Our websites are communal hubs for sharing cycling experiences, trading adventure stories, and passing along product information and opinions." Francis' favorite bike is the last bike he rode, whether it's a dirt jumper, singlespeed, trail bike, lugged commuter or ultralight carbon road steed. Indeed, Francis loves cycling in all its forms and is happiest when infecting others with that same passion. Francis also believes that IPA will save America.


  • Mike D. says:

    Magicshine is legit. My “old” set are Magicshine, I think 1200 lumens and still running strong. I recently upgraded to Exposure lights. One bar mounted, the other helmet. Happy with those too. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LUMENS !

    • Sam says:

      Me too, got my MJ 906 for 3 years of good working conditions !

    • Sean Birnbaum says:

      It’s not all about the lumens. It’s about the balance of lumens and lux. Lots of light effectively distributed and controlled is the end game. Plenty easy to make a light with a high lumen count that isn’t very bright due to poor optics. That said, MagicShine does make some awesome products with very attractive pricepoints. Quality has also, supposedly, vastly improved in the last 10 years. I will have to consider replacing by Xeccon light with a new MagicShine.

  • MRMOLE says:

    Monteer 3500 is the light you want if your using this for a helmet light. The 3500 uses the same optics but different emitters that give a much narrower beam but according to Magicshine’s specs. has a higher CD value or more throw. The 3500 has the same lighthead body but also weighs is little less (108.5g according to MS). Check the MTBR lighting forum and I’ll have a review on the 3500 soon.

  • tom says:

    what’s the status of the Magicshine[.us, .com] businesses, warranty service, and general shenanigans? I have a MS 906 and am happy with it, but didn’t know at the time about the utter lack (at least as of 2016) of warranty support had it broken.

  • Alex says:

    I will follow you

  • GettingUpThere says:

    OH GOOD, now you can absolutely BLIND any oncoming riders on the bike path !! “Ten (10) times brighter than a car headlight.” Smart. What could go wrong by using a blinding light in the eyes of oncoming riders?? OH, and be sure to wear your ALL BLACK clothing at night in case the light does not completely blind me!!

    • Brian. L says:

      Hey dude, I don’t think it’s used for road any way, better for a MTB trail.
      On coming riders ? And it can be decreased to 400 LM, which won’t blind them….

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  • Bill Bennett says:

    I bought the Magicshine Eagle F3 3000 in Feb 2017, used them that winter, and had a total failure the following fall. All seemed good until I was deep out on the trail and the light just died. Fortunately I had a back-up helmet lamp.

    The magishine had a full battery when I tried to recharge it at home. I tried the lamp again and it turned on for about 5 minutes and died. This process repeated a number of times.

    When I contacted magicshine, they told me I was out of warranty. I have since returned to Niterider with zero issues. I cannot recommend laying out this kind of money based on my experience, both quality and lack of support.

    • Brian. L says:

      Been a fan for Magicshine after using their MJ 900, why don’t you contact their service or just PM them on facebook page ? They help

  • Devid says:

    Perfect for bumpy rides, Its mounting bracket makes it sturdy enough to hold the light to accompany you during your rough rides. Outdoor Proof and can easily withstand the outdoors, rain or snow. Utilizes 10000mAh batteries that will last you up to 6-8 hours of non stop illumination.

  • Andrew Marquez says:

    What I can say? Worth the price I have waited over a week to give my review, testing this on my trike and at my patio during rainy times, I left it on over night because I fell asleep waiting for it to die. VERY bright easy to use and ruggedly built.

  • Andrew Marquez says:

    Can’t leave a comment ?

    Any way, it worth my money

  • Felipe says:

    Magicshine battery seems to be strong enough now, i have one and last for more than 3 years still working well. Unlike the other brand bike light.

  • Felipe says:

    Magicshine battery seems to be strong enough now, i bought one 2 years ago and still working well. Not like the other brand bike light only wrok few minutes.

  • Guille says:

    I have had Magicshine for 15 years, first the famous mikie mouse for 12 years, then the mj 906 combo for another 3 years and now the Monteer 8000s will arrive. the Mikie mouse battery is still good for my mj 906 and it still lasts a long time. very good brand Magicshine.

  • Michael R says:

    I was looking into the MS Monteer 8k and even the gemini titan 4k, but decided on getting the Outbound Trail evo for bar light and NovSight for helmet

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