Mark Weir survives near heart attack

45-year old survives another close call with 99% blockage of left artery


Mark with his son Gus

Over the weekend, the world has learned that one of the toughest icons of mountain biking, Mark Weir survived a heart attack in October.  They’ve been very private about this incident and it was only announced on Mark’s Instagram on Nov. 30.


A lot of data here but the key is is the hospital date of October 25, 2018



Here are the words from Mark Weir’s Instagram account posted on November 30:

They call it the widow maker. Had chest pains for about 6 weeks. Never thought it could be me. Healthy and good numbers on blood pressure and cholesterol. Well I have a propensity to build plaque. My left main was 99% blocked. They said I am lucky to be alive. Just thought I would share, just cause you are fit dos not mean you are immune. I feel lucky to look in my sons eyes and grab my wife’s hands as she walks by. Knowing I’ll never be what I use to be but I’ll be the best I can be today and maybe just a little better then I was yesterday.

This crystallizes the gravity of the situation.


Mark wants the world to know what happened to him because his condition, known as the “widow-maker” is a silent, deadly killer that rarely announces its presence. In Mark’s case, he had chest pains for about six weeks and he probably wrote it off as some minor problem. This would have been the time to see a doctor. He is lucky to survive this and his openness can perhaps motivate otherwise to get checked and prevent this or similar problems.


This helps visualize the problem.


His other close encounter, this time with a tree is HERE .

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  • jwilli says:

    Great that you shared your story! Your last comment “Knowing I’ll never be what I use to be but I’ll be the best I can be today and maybe just a little better then I was yesterday.” was telling. I can see you will seize thhis as an opportunity, not a sentence. Best of luck in your new life!

  • Fred says:

    Time for an Ebike Mark!

  • Mike Wright says:

    I went through the same thing two years ago Mark. I’m a weekend warrior mountain biker–do some pretty gnarly steep uphill stuff. Over maybe 9 months, I felt kind of faint a couple times, but passed two treadmill tests with flying colors. Over a period of two weeks it got to the point where I was out of breath walking down the hall. Angiogram showed AT LEAST 95% blockage of the widowmaker. Double bypass and two anti-cholesterol pills every day and I seem fine today. Scary stuff.

    Glad to hear you are OK!

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