Marzocchi 55 Micro STA and 44 Micro STA 29 forks and more for 2014

29er Forks

Marzocchi is a brand that has had some struggles in recent years. In 2008 the company was acquired by American automotive parts manufacturer Tenneco who has been trying to turn the company around. The struggles ranged from financial to production to quality assurance to customer service (many of which have been reported in Mtbr’s own discussion forums). The problems also include the core US staff leaving and creating their own competing brand.

Through it all, Marzocchi maintained a reputation for suspension products that had really great feel and plushness and features that really make a difference to the ride experience. Just having a lockout system that locks out in the down position is a key feature. Be sure to watch the video below for a demonstration of the new fork features. Although the problems were many, there remains a loyal following of the brand hoping that Marzocchi can right the ship and get back to the business of making some of the best feeling, bomb-proof forks and shocks that we remember.

Now sourced from a new factory, we take a close look at two of Marzocchi’s current fork offerings: the 55 Micro Switch TA (or 55 Micro STA for short) and the 44 Micro STA 29. We also get a sneak peek at some of the all new 2014 products including the carbon 29er fork (320 LCR Carbon), 27.5/650b compatible DH fork (380 C2R2) and two new rear shocks (Moto C2R and Roco Lite).

Video: Alex from Marzocchi shows us the details of the 55 and 44 forks from Marzocchi. We also get a sneak peek at some of the new 2014 prototypes including their DH fork and two new shocks.

Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch TA
  • For 26″ wheels
  • Pure white color
  • 160mm-120mm travel
  • Lock Out + Micro Adjust – Compression – Rebound Damping TST Micro
  • Switch TA – Air + Negative Spring – Travel Adjust Spring
  • QR20 Axle
  • Ø35mm Aluminum – Nickel Treatment Stanchions
  • Tapered Aluminum 1-1/8″ Steerer
  • 6″ Post Mount – Max Disc 203mm Brake System
Marzocchi 44 Micro Switch TA 29″
  • 29er fork
  • Pure white color
  • 140mm-110mm travel
  • Lock Out + Micro Adjust Compression – Rebound – Switch TA Damping TST Micro
  • Air + Negative Spring – Travel Adjust Spring AER
  • 29″ QR15 Axle
  • Ø32MM Aluminum, Nickel Treatment Stanchions
  • Tapered Aluminum Steerer
  • 6″ Post Mount, max disc 203mm Brake System

2014 Marzocchi 320 LCR Carbon
  • 29er XC fork
  • 32mm Stanchion tubes
  • 15mm Axle
  • Monocoque Carbon crown and steer tubes
  • 100mm travel (Extend to 120mm or reduce to 80mm with internal spacers)
  • Remote lockout
  • External compression and rebound
  • Air sprung

2014 Marzocchi 380 C2R2
  • Downhill fork
  • Compatible with 27.5/650B
  • Completely redesigned
  • 2790g weight
  • Titanium Spring
  • Hollowed crown
  • Lightweight
  • Nickel plated stanchion tubes
  • 203mm travel
  • New DBC (Dynamic Bleed Cartridge)

Moto C2R Rear Shock
  • 65g weight
  • CNC machining
  • Rubber bumper on main body
  • Available with volume adjust canister

Roco Lite Rear Shock
  • 2 Position Lock Up
  • Adjustable Air Spring
  • Nickel Coated Air Canister
  • High Volume Linear Air Spring
  • External Rebound Adjustment
  • 198g

More information about the 2014 lineup from Marzocchi is coming to their website soon. Be sure to check for the news and 2013 product info at

About the author: Gregg Kato

Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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