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Mavic has just announced a new wheel and tire system called the Crossmax XL that is targeted for “enduro adventure riders” and features a wider profile, light weight and a new Crossmax Quest tire.

Mavic Crossmax XL

While the exact definition of “enduro” is still being quite hotly debated (see #7 here:, Mavic has created the Crossmax XL for the definition that isn’t confined to solely racing. These wheels and tires are designed to be a bit more “versatile, comfortable and durable” for epic adventure rides and seeks to find that magic balance on both the climbs and descents.

The most significant features of the Crossmax XL WTS (Wheel Tire System) is a new rim extrusion with a V like rim shape, optimized extrusion, and revised bead hook geometry. The new design creates a wider, 23mm internal profile that Mavic claims as zero weight increase and will provide better impact resistance. The bead hooks have a slightly reduced height and stick out slightly less than on previous shapes. In addition, the sidewall under the bead is slightly thicker in an effort to increase impact resistance (by as much as 50% according to their lab tests).

Mavic Crossmax QuestThe Crossmax XL WTS also uses Mavic’s current materials and technologies like FORE drilling, Zicral spokes, and ISM machining for rim weight reduction. And of course, being Mavic, these are UST Tubeless-ready.

The Wheel-Tire-System wouldn’t be complete without some new rubber, so Mavic created the Crossmax Quest tires with more (and smaller) tread blocks evenly spread in round profile. What Mavic calls “50a Contact Compound” rubber should help the tire work well in both dry and wet conditions. The 2.4″ size is quite large as the current trend in wheels and tires follows the old “bigger is better” adage. With increased size should come added comfort and compliance. To help with durability, Mavic uses a 66TPI Guard+ reinforced casing.

The Crossmax XL WTS is available in all three sizes (26″, 27.5″, and 29″) and the hub system accommodates all axle fitments (9mm quick release, 15QR, and 20mm thru axle fronts, and 9×135, 12×135, and 12x142mm rears.)

The Crossmax XL Wheel-Tire System will be available in June with an MSRP of $1000. Available at the same time, replacement Crossmax Quest 2.4 tires will retail for $70.

Crossmax XL Wheel-Tire System
  • 24 round, straight pull Zicral spokes, laced 2-cross in the front and Isopulse in the rear (radial drive/2-cross non drive).
  • Wide, 23mm UST rim adds tire volume and stability
  • New rim extrusion shape for light weight and added durability
  • ISM machining reduces weight and improves responsiveness
  • FORE drilling adds strength, stiffness, and enables airtight UST rim bed
  • Weight per pair:
    • 26”: 3150g (WTS); 1660g pair, 790g front, 870g rear
    • 27.5”: 3390g (WTS); 1710g pair, 815g front, 895g rear
    • 29”:3520g (WTS); 1780g pair; 850g front, 930g rear
Crossmax Quest Tire
  • Single compound 50a Contact Compound (CC), grip and durability for all conditions
  • Wide knob spacing for traction and predictability
  • Large 2.4” volume for comfort and confidence
  • 66TPI Guard + reinforced single ply casing
  • UST Tubeless ready
  • Weights per tire:
    • 26” x 2.4”: 690g
    • 27.5” x 2.4”: 780g
    • 29” x 2.35”: 810g
Our take

Regardless of your definition of enduro, we are happy to see more offerings in the “wider is better” arena of rubber. No, these aren’t the widest wheels available, but more options going wide is better as a whole. Mavic Crossmax wheels have long been an Mtbr favorite and we expect the new XL’s to keep this trend up (we will find out as soon as we can get our hands on a test set!) We are also happy to see Mavic offer these in 26″. Whereas other brands eschew the old school hoop size, there are plenty of riders still out there who won’t be buying a new bike based on it’s wheel size and will continue to ride 26″. For those “diehards”, it makes sense to give them options.

About Mavic

Mavic is an Amer Sports brand founded in 1889, based in Annecy, France with a US office based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Mavic is a world leader in technology and innovation in bicycle wheels, rims, components, technical apparel and footwear.

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About the author: Gregg Kato

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  • pjm says:

    Bout time. Dirty little secret is that a bigger fatter and light tire on 26″ hoops makes total sense. Duh! Diehards? You mean “smart?”

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