Media Release – 2 March 2009 It’s all downhill from here


“This is the first 8 km’s, there’s another 370 to go, so take it easy.”

With these words, the inaugural BMC Mountains To Beach mountain bike ride commenced.

The first stage, the Hayes Manitou Mountain Run was just that – a run down the slopes of Mt Kosciuszko and for some riders it took less than 20 minutes.

Local knowledge may have played a part in Cooma based Andrew Blair’s (0.18.31) Stage 1 win today, but it may also have been the challenging course set by course designer, Wayne Byard.

Andrew’s place at the top is going to be hotly contested, with Queenslander Andrew Fellows (0.18.37) and Port Macquarie’s Dennis Van Mill (0.18.38) within 10 seconds. There are only 2 minutes separating the top 10 male riders.

The women’s overall isn’t so close. Canberran Rosemary Barnes (0.23.09) came in two minutes ahead of Sydneysider Gaye Camm (0.25.42). One of the race favourites, Queenslander Naomi Hansen (0.26.31) is currently in third place.

After the gruelling start, which riders described as challenging yet fun, the riders had a leisurely cruise to the Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort for lunch.

This afternoon the riders tackled the Maxxis Muster. The purpose built singletrack Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort designed with this race in mind. Most riders described the track as ‘awesome’, so it looks as if the Snowy Region has another summer attraction.

With $5000 in cash and $25000 in prizes to be won, the competition is going to be fierce.

The remaining 325km of the race covers every possible terrain, from winding singletrack, heart stopping mountain descents and heartbreaking mountain climbs to rainforest lined gullies, atop coastal cliffs and along sandy beaches.

Tuesday sees them leaving Lake Crackenback Resort, after taking in a ride on the Ski Tube to Perisher Blue Ski Resort. From Perisher Blue the riders will travel up to Guthega Village and then down to the Snowy River and then it’s onto Buckenderra Resort for the evening.

Wednesday has the riders up early with a race commencing at 5:15 am. Then it’s a leisurely ride to Cooma, where the riders will get to have some free time.

Full race results for Day 1, including general classifications are attached
Full details of all stages can be found on
Images of the day are available. Please contact Beverley Atkins for information on how to obtain these.

For additional information on the BMC Mountains To Beach please contact
Beverley Atkins – 0408 697 795
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Stage 1 – The Hayes Manitou Mountain Run (hosted by Thredbo)

Category Place Competitor Time

Solo Men Open (18-39) 1st Andrew Blair 0:18:31
Solo Men Open (18-39) 2nd Andrew Fellows 0:18:37
Solo Men Open (18-39) 3nd Dennis Van Mill 0:18:38

Solo Women Open (18-39) 1st Rosemary Barnes 0:23:09
Solo Women Open (18-39) 2nd Naomi Hansen 0:26:31
Solo Women Open (18-39) 3rd Kath Bicknell 0:26:43

Solo Men Masters (40-49) 1st John Clews 0:20:37
Solo Men Masters (40-49) 2nd Gwyn Tavener-Smith 0:21:23
Solo Men Masters (40-49) 3rd Tim Jamieson 0:22:14

Solo Women Masters (40-49) 1st Gaye Camm 0:25:42
Solo Women Masters (40-49) 2nd Heidi Healy 0:35:35
Solo Women Masters (40-49) 3rd Bronwyn Markham 036:20

Solo Men Supermasters (50+) 1st Roger Cull 0:23:20
Solo Men Supermasters (50+) 2nd Peter Hansen 0:23:57
Solo Men Supermasters (50+) 3rd DJ Brooks 0:24:39

Stage 3 – The Maxxis Muster (hosted by Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort)

Category Place Competitor Time

Solo Men Open (18-39) 1st Dennis Van Mill 0:51:59
Solo Men Open (18-39) 2nd Andrew Blair 0:52:00
Solo Men Open (18-39) 3nd Jason English 0:52:00

Solo Women Open (18-39) 1st Rosemary Barnes 1:04:49
Solo Women Open (18-39) 2nd Naomi Hansen 1:04:56
Solo Women Open (18-39) 3rd Heather Evans 1:08:44

Solo Men Masters (40-49) 1st John Clews 0:58:37
Solo Men Masters (40-49) 2nd Tim Jamieson 0:58:41
Solo Men Masters (40-49) 3rd Rodney Hart 1:00:33

Solo Women Masters (40-49) 1st Gaye Cam 1:17:02
Solo Women Masters (40-49) 2nd Bronwyn Markham 1:29:37
Solo Women Masters (40-49) 3rd Jenny Caldwell 1:31:29

Solo Men Supermasters (50+) 1st Roger Cull 1:00:32
Solo Men Supermasters (50+) 2nd William Dove 1:03:39
Solo Men Supermasters (50+) 3rd Peter Hansen 1:04:30

BMC Mountains To Beach Overall Standings

Category Place Competitor Time

General Classification (Male)
1st Dennis Van Mill 0:51:59
2nd Andrew Blair 0:00:01
3rd Jason English 0:00:01
4th Brett Anderson 0:02:35
5th Warren Burgess 0:02:36

General Classification (Female)
1st Rosemary Barnes 1:04:49
2nd Naomi Hansen 0:00:07
3rd Heather Evans 0:03:55
4th Marquita Gelderman 0:05:19
5th Kim McFadden 0:06:52

General Classification (Solo Men Open – 18-39)
1st Andrew Blair 1:10:31
2nd Dennis Van Mill 1:10:37
3nd Andrew Fellows 1:13:27

General Classification (Solo Women Open – 18-39)
1st Rosemary Barnes 1:27:58
2nd Naomi Hansen 1:31:27
3rd Heather Evans 1:36:57

General Classification (Solo Men Masters- 40-49)
1st John Clews 1:19:14
2nd Tim Jamieson 1:20:55
3rd Rodney Hart 1:22:47

General Classification (Solo Women Masters – 40-49)
1st Gaye Camm 1:42:44
2nd Bronwyn Markham 2:05:57
3rd Jenny Caldwell 2:15:33

General Classification (Solo Men Supermasters – 50+)
1st Roger Cull 1:23:52
2nd Peter Hansen 1:28:27
3rd William Dove 1:28:47

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