milKit Booster tire inflator — and water bottle

Small in size, simple to use, and you can drink out of it

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milKit Booster System

milKit co-founder Pius Kobler shows how easy it is to inflate a tubeless tire using their Booster system.

Swiss company milKit came on the scene a few years ago with their innovative approach to tubeless tire valve systems. Now they are back with their new milKit Booster. The Booster is a new spin on the tubeless tire canister idea that also doubles as a water bottle when not needed to inflate tires. It’s even sized to fit in a standard water bottle cage in the 20oz version. This can be helpful when having trouble seating a stubborn tubeless tire bead while out on the trail or for anyone who doesn’t have an air compressor in their garage.

milKit Booster System

The milKit Booster can be used as a water bottle, but in times of need it will double as a tubeless tire inflator. Photo courtesy of milKit

The milKit Booster is simple to use. Combined with milKit’s well-designed valves and fittings, an aluminum bottle makes the basis of the Booster system, which works in three simple steps:

1. Inflate the booster with your tire pump
2. Remove the valve core from your tubeless valves (optional)
3. Push the Booster onto the valve stem and inflate the tire

Booster Use Diagram

The milKit Booster is quite easy to use at home or on the trail. Photo courtesy of milKit

Because there are no hoses or additional valves to reduce air flow, seating a tubeless tire with the milKit Booster should be fast and efficient. The milKit Booster comes in two sizes: 1L (34oz) $50 and 0.60L (20oz) $48. It weighs 138g for the 20z Booster.

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