Mongoose’s new bikes for 2017 – the Tyax Supa plus bike, Argus 24 mini fat bike, Teocali and more

Mongoose ditches direct-to-consumer sales and 2017 models will be sold through Amazon

26er 27.5 29er All Mountain Trail Fat Bike Kids Plus
The Tyax Supa is an alloy hardtail with plus size tires and a more affordable price tag than their existing Ruddy model.

The Tyax Supa is an alloy hardtail with plus size tires and a more affordable price tag than their existing Ruddy model (click to enlarge).

Mongoose is an interesting brand with a rich history in the cycling world that is often lost due to the fact that their bikes are now considered “mass market” bikes that most enthusiasts wouldn’t consider as their first choice. However, when suggesting bikes for a beginner rider on a budget, Mongoose offers some interesting choices. Of course, the fact that their lower end bikes are available from such big box stores as Walmart, Toys R Us and Target does not help their street cred for the hardcore mountain biker. Mongoose seeks to appeal to the mid-level buyer who wants something better (and lighter) than the cheap, heavy steel framed bikes many beginners look at solely because of their low entry cost.

It is also interesting to note that Mongoose continues to expand their mid-level series of bikes not sold through the big box stores, but sold direct-to-consumer via their website. This is about to change in a major way starting this year. With the introduction of their 2017 model line-up, Mongoose announced that they will be selling their bikes through online mega retailer Here is a quick look at some of their upcoming models that will be available fall of this year.

The Tyax Supa will be available in three models for 2017.

The Tyax Supa will be available in three models for 2017 (click to enlarge).

Mongoose Tyax Supa Expert Plus Bike

Mongoose is wasting no time getting on the plus size tire bandwagon. They have two plus bike models including the Tyax Supa Expert hardtail featured here and a full suspension model called the Salvo Supa Expert. The plus size tires make a lot of sense, especially for the beginner rider who is just starting out. The Tyax Supa is an alloy hardtail with a 100mm Suntour air fork. Mongoose is using a unique 141 QR in the rear that still uses the Boost standard, but everything is offset 3mm for use as a QR and not a thru-axle. This also helps bring the price down. The Suntour XCR fork does have a thru-axle but still uses 110mm hub spacing. Mongoose Product Manager, Matt Prest tells us, “I think you’ll see a lot of people start adding that (thru-axle with 110mm spacing) into their bike line. There are a couple of other manufacturers on display at the Sea Otter Classic that were also using that spacing, including Marin.”

We asked Prest whether the Tyax Supa was replacing the 27.5+ bike they introduced last year, the Ruddy and he informed us that the Ruddy is not going away and is, in fact, expanding from two models last year to three this year. They had the Ruddy Expert and the Ruddy Comp and they are adding a Ruddy Sport and these models will retail for about $1200 up to about $2300. The Tyax Supa and the Ruddy are both plus size alloy hardtails, but the frames are completely different with the Ruddy having higher-end features like internal cable routing, thru-axle in the rear and it will have a higher spec level of components. The Ruddy features Mongoose’s E6 super light triple butted aluminum whereas the Tyax Supa is a more affordable double butted 6061 alloy frame. Another big difference is that the Ruddy has a 120mm fork with more laid-back geometry and the Tyax Supa has a 100mm fork with a more upright position.

The Tyax Supa Expert has a Shimano Alivio/Deore 2×9 drivetrain, Shimano M365 disc brakes and WTB TrailBlazer 2.8″ plus tires. Prest continues, “We try and keep this bike short, as far as the geometry goes. But the big thing for us is that we want to make sure that we can run a double. Because at this price point, a lot of our riders aren’t quite able (fitness-wise) to get away with running a single ring.”

The Tyax Supa will be available in three models: the Expert (shown here) for $999, the Comp for $899 and the Sport for $799. Five sizes will be available running from XS to XL.

The Boot'R offers the beginner DH racer a lot of value for its $2699 price tag including a Manitou Dorado Expert fork.

The Boot’R offers the beginner DH racer a lot of value for its $2699 price tag including a Manitou Dorado Expert fork (click to enlarge).

Mongoose Boot’R DH racer on a budget

The Boot’R from Mongoose has been a DH bike that has remained under the radar even though it has been available for several years. It should appeal to the beginner DH racer on a budget that has a legit Horst link suspension design that provides 8 inches of travel. The big news for the 2017 model year is the addition of the Manitou Dorado Expert fork with 200mm of travel up front. This fork cuts a lot of weight from the RockShox Domain that you usually find at this price point. Prest says, “The Boot’R is ready to race right out of the box.” The Boot’R has a Shimano Zee 1×10 drivetrain, TRP Slate T4 disc brakes and Kenda Honey Badger DH 27.5″ tires.

The Boot’R is available in one model with a retail price of $2699 and is available in three sizes (SM, MD, LG).

The Mongoose Salvo Pro is available with 27.5" or 29" tires for 2017.

The Mongoose Salvo Pro is available with 27.5″ or 29″ tires for 2017 (click to enlarge).

Mongoose Salvo Pro – pick your flavor 29er or 27.5

The Salvo is a full suspension mountain bike with an alloy frame and for 2017, it is available with 27.5″ wheels and 120mm of rear travel or a 29er version with 100mm of travel. Take your pick. The Horst link suspension got an update last year, but the parts spec gets a boost this year. The drivetrain is now a 2×11 setup with Shimano SLX/XT mix. The Manitou Marvel Pro fork (with remote lockout) has a matching 120mm of travel (for the 27.5″) and the rear suspension is provided by a Manitou Radium Expert shock. The disc brakes are Shimano BR-M506 and the Salvo rolls on Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires.

Prest tells us that that Salvo is a good “all-around XC bike to go out and play on”. Price for the Salvo Pro is $2400 and it comes in three sizes (SM, MD, LG). Not shown here, but forthcoming for 2017 is the Salvo Supa Expert, which is a plus size tire equipped version with 27.5+ tires and 120mm of travel.

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    Tektro does not make the Slate-T4. That’s TRP that makes the Slate-T4’s. I know, I have them!

  • ljsmith says:

    Bikers are usually pretty brand conscious. I am not sure how Mongoose plans to sell many of these (especially at these prices) when they have dragged their name through the mud with Walmart bikes. They really need to decide what they want to be, cheap POS bikes, or “real” mountain bikes and develop their brand accordingly. Its going to be hard to play in both markets.

  • Zack says:

    When Will The 2017 Models Go On Sale?

  • royaloaker says:

    thanks for the update-good to see the brand lineup expansion.the 2001 Valiant “hot-link” rear suspension is still one of the smoothest out there.

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