Motobecane releases a 2Hundred7 DH bike

Another well-spec'd contender

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Motobecane 2Hundred7 DH

Drivetrain is either a 10-speed or 7-speed.

In the DH world, components are key, specially the suspension pieces since there’s so much travel they have to control. Train stopping brakes and a bulletproof drivetrain can’t hurt either. Check out Motobecane’s offering in the DH world.

With Maxxis DH Tires and a RockShox Boxxer Team 200mm up front with up to 200mm of RockShox Coil travel in the rear with similar spec sell for $6,000 and up.

It all starts with the 2018 RockShox Boxxer Team forks MSRP up to $1300+ often regarded as the best DH fork around. Team that up with a RockShox Rear Coil shock to create a balanced suspension platform.

2hundred Series DH Geometry

Geometry sports a 64 degree head angle and 74 degree seat angle.

Geometry looks fairly standard with its 27.5 wheel. And the punchline as with all Motobecane bikes is it can be had for $2500

SRAM Code Brakes with 200mm rotors are reliable and controllable stoppers in charge of speed control. Shimano Zee rear derailleur and an MRP chain guide keep the drivetrain under control. A 10-speed rear or 7-speed are available to match the rider’s intentions for this bike. Finally, Tubeless WTB TCS wheel with Formula thru-axle hubs round out the package.

Motobecane 2Hundred7 DH

Drivetrain is either a 10-speed or 7-speed.

We hope to get our hands on a test bike this winter.

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  • mikeD says:

    “Motobecane is known for offering bikes selling at the fraction of the sum of all the components.” – are you sure? I’d agree with them selling at low margins but nobody sane sells below the purchase price. Unlikely even at a close out sale.

    • MCA says:

      Fraction of the sum of the RETAIL PRICE of the components. It’s achievable since they get the bits at wholesale, and often wholesale on previous year’s stock is very much lower than retail on this year’s goodies. Supergo bike shops in LA used to run this business model but also would mix in some blems unbeknownst to the buyers.

  • joules says:

    “geometry is fairly standard…”

    really? Are these meant to be kids bikes, because the large is maybe big enough to fit someone 5’0?

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