Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz to leave IMBA

NorCal trail advocacy group will launch new membership program


Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

Some fairly big news coming out of the trail advocacy world today. Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) has announced it will be ending its status as a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) at the end of October, and will revert back to being an independent non-profit organization. Here’s the full statement, which was originally published at

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz is very grateful for IMBA’s support over the previous years, but MBOSC has now grown to a point where the chapter model is not a great fit for our trajectory towards building the strongest possible local trail stewardship organization. As IMBA has restructured over the previous years, we have seen the focus move away from supporting local groups.

Controlling our own membership will allow Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz to keep all member contributions here locally and working towards improving mountain bike access rather than splitting contributions with IMBA. It will allow for a more focused line of communication to our members as all communications will be directly related to the happenings here in the Santa Cruz Area.

We look forward to working with other IMBA chapters and IMBA national on joint initiatives to further mountain biking at the state, national, and international level as opportunities arise.

New Membership Program

MBOSC will be launching a brand new membership program in early November. We can’t wait to tell you more about this program, and we’re certain you’ll want to get involved. We’ve structured the program so that it will be accessible for everybody, and we guarantee that 100% of your membership dues will stay right here in Santa Cruz County. As you know, MBOSC is focused on expanding trail access in Santa Cruz County for all trail users, and your membership will help us build new trails for you to enjoy.

What if I just joined IMBA or am a MBOSC/IMBA member?

All current IMBA members who have selected MBOSC as their primary chapter affiliation will be automatically enrolled in MBOSC’s new membership program.

Should I renew my IMBA membership if it is currently expired?

If your membership is expired, it would be most efficient for you to ignore any current membership solicitations from IMBA, and then create a new membership with MBOSC when we launch our program in early November.

What if I want to join?

Our new program will launch in early November. Please stay tuned to to learn more.

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  • C. says:

    Good choice. Screw the IMBA. It’s no longer what it once was, and, like all else today, is grotesquely corrupt and, in all likelihood, made so by the progressive-liberal ass-hats who now seem to occupy all of the managing positions. Too bad. But everything good comes to an end.

    Again, good choice. Hopefully others will follow your example.

  • Brent says:

    Fantastic move. IMBA no longer (been that way for a while) have MTB’ers best interest in mind. Few Colorado groups looking to ditch IMBA as well. Keep the money and advocacy local!

  • Paul says:

    It’s a shame to read how some folks’ will attack IMBA yet provide absolutely nothing to substantiate their claims. And will not give an inch of credit to anything good they’ve done. We still need advocacy at the national/international level. Can’t dismiss that.

    • Brent says:

      ‘Nothing to substantiate…’.? Throwing all MTBers under the bus in front of Congress on the STC initiative on federal land. That is reason enough. Plenty of other reasons such as less money going towards local advocacy and attempts to sanitize trials with every work party. What else to do you need?
      We do need advocacy for sure. Local orgs can do the best locally. Let IMBA go mingle with UCI

  • Nate says:

    MBOSC is a great organization that has improved mountain biking in the Santa Cruz area and is working on some big local projects. I fully support the decision to focus all their resources locally.

    IMBA has evolved over the past few years and has their own areas of focus and have a seat at the national level.

  • Ryan says:

    Are there any good Trail advocacy groups in So-Cal area. Los Angeles/ Orange County. Been struggling to find ways to get involved.

  • Bob says:

    Right on Brent. IMBA’s time has run it’s course. It would be best for them to bleed out so time, money and resources can be focused on organizations that actually accomplish something for our sport. Good on MBOSC for pulling out.

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