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Mountain Cycle Fury Frame Review

Mountain Cycle is not new to the bike industry. For newer riders, this may be the first you have heard of Mountain Cycle, but for those of us that have been around since the late 80’s/early 90’s…Mountain Cycle used to be a household name that graced the cover of magazines worldwide. Mountain Cycle was known for its aggressive designs and burly construction during a time when manufacturers were not paying any attention to the AM/DH market.

More On Mountain Cycle

From the Mountain Cycle website:

Mountain Cycle can best be described as a “Micro-National”  in the sense that, we operate on a truly worldwide level, with offices and staff spread around the globe.  But we are a small team,  just seven full-time staff, who between look after all the operational aspects of the company.

A commitment that we have made, is to be one of the most approachable, best value for money, most rider owned, and most Serious Fun of bike brands.
Mountain Cycle was started in 1988 by Robert Reissinger, a man many claim to be the true father of the modern mountain bike.

In an era when MTB’s were still very road bike influenced; rigid steel frames and cantilever brakes – the bike Robert built was nothing short of revolutionary.

The San Andreas was launched with little fuss – but it’s radical, motocross inspired looks, long travel suspension and disk brakes (used for the very first time on a MTB!) grabbed peoples attention and desire.

It is the only bike to be featured in the Museum of Modern Art as a shining example of modern design. As a company MC fared less well, eventually Robert transferred ownership to Kinesis (the Taiwanese frame factory) but this marriage too was short lived.

Finally in 2006/7 – Mountain Cycle found a new home, after being bought by large Taiwanese company Ideation Industrial.

With experienced, passionate staff again running the brand, the History Continues…

Mountain Cycle’s current line consists of the Rumble (HT), Fury (5″ Travel), Battery (5″ Travel Slopestyle) and Shockwave (9.5″ Travel). As you can see by their lineup, they are very AM/DH oriented in their approach to the mountain biking industry.

The Mountain Cycle Fury

The Mountain Cycle Fury is the 5″ travel cross country/all mountain bike out of the MC stable.

From the MC website:

  • Tube/monocoque mainframe with full monocoque swingarm
  • Super-stiff full monocoque Swingarm
  • 5 inches of tunable, progressive travel
  • Optimized pivot location for exceptional pedaling and sprinting
  • Dropped Top Tube for reduced standover height and increased maneuverability
  • Continuous cable routing
  • MSRP – est. $960.00 US

As you can already see by the photos, this bike has a very unique look. The tube/monocoque frame design is unlike anything else on the market. It can be shipped with several different flavors of rear shocks ranging from Fox Racing to Marzocchi.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like it has lots of “Band Aids” holding it together

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a bit confused about the angles given for this bike. The little graphic on page 1 of the review shows a 67 deg seat angle. That seems really low compared to other bikes I have owned (current Giant Trance is 73.5 deg). 67 seems too low … is it measured differently or otherwise not comparable given the broken seat tube or something?

    And then there is this quote about the head angle:

    “The steep head angle (as compared to other bikes in this category…79 – 78.5) made the Fury a little twitchy on fast, technical descents through the rocks”

    Did the writer mean 69 – 68.5?

  • Anonymous says:


    You are right on the 79-78.5…that is a typo that has been fixed. An example of another bike in this cateogory is the 5.5 Spot from Turner that has a 69 degree HT angle.

    The geometry of the seat tube angle is reading correctly. It is different by design. The interrupted seat tube and tube/monocoque mainframe are the primary reason for that.


  • Anonymous says:

    i just got one of these as a 50/50 replacment on an old frame.
    ive had a fury before.think it was a 2006 one

    my new one is even nicer. love the black ano finish

    MC for life

  • Anonymous says:

    Interested in one of these. I’m 6′-2” with a 32” leg inseam. Would this be too small for me?
    I spoke with a rep. the largest they had was a 23.2 effective top tube. Seems a bit small. Wish I could ride one before I bought.

  • kaspa says:

    Use this as my do all bike and have to say it’s a nice bike to ride up and down hills , jumps and drops .. All in all a good frame for any rider wanting to ride a bit harder MC4EVA



  • Charlie Colledge says:

    I have one in dark green what age is it roughly

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