Mountain Cycle Fury Frame Review

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The Build Kit

The Mountain Cycle Fury is available as frame only with rear shock. This build kit was put together for review purposes only. Look for full build kit options in 2009, but those kits have not been finalized yet.

Mountain Cycle Fury Geometry Specs

More Notes On The Fury Frame

  • Straight out of the box, the Mountain Cycle Fury looks stiff.
  • The rear shock attaches to the swing arm via a 4 bolt mounting plate. 
  • Cutting the seat post will be necessary with the interrupted seat post design.
  • Full length housing is recommended with the downtube routing.
  • Overall build quality is excellent…all the way down to nicely stacked welds.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like it has lots of “Band Aids” holding it together

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a bit confused about the angles given for this bike. The little graphic on page 1 of the review shows a 67 deg seat angle. That seems really low compared to other bikes I have owned (current Giant Trance is 73.5 deg). 67 seems too low … is it measured differently or otherwise not comparable given the broken seat tube or something?

    And then there is this quote about the head angle:

    “The steep head angle (as compared to other bikes in this category…79 – 78.5) made the Fury a little twitchy on fast, technical descents through the rocks”

    Did the writer mean 69 – 68.5?

  • Anonymous says:


    You are right on the 79-78.5…that is a typo that has been fixed. An example of another bike in this cateogory is the 5.5 Spot from Turner that has a 69 degree HT angle.

    The geometry of the seat tube angle is reading correctly. It is different by design. The interrupted seat tube and tube/monocoque mainframe are the primary reason for that.


  • Anonymous says:

    i just got one of these as a 50/50 replacment on an old frame.
    ive had a fury before.think it was a 2006 one

    my new one is even nicer. love the black ano finish

    MC for life

  • Anonymous says:

    Interested in one of these. I’m 6′-2” with a 32” leg inseam. Would this be too small for me?
    I spoke with a rep. the largest they had was a 23.2 effective top tube. Seems a bit small. Wish I could ride one before I bought.

  • kaspa says:

    Use this as my do all bike and have to say it’s a nice bike to ride up and down hills , jumps and drops .. All in all a good frame for any rider wanting to ride a bit harder MC4EVA



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