MRP SXg chain guide review

Lightweight guide with minimal drag that's easy to install

The MRP SXg works in conjunction with newer 1x technologies to help keep the chain in place without introducing drag.

The MRP SXg works with newer 1x systems to help keep the chain in place without introducing drag (click to enlarge).

Lowdown: MRP SXg Chain Guide

While narrow/wide chainrings and clutch derailleurs have mostly made dropped chains a thing of the past, we still value the added protection of a chain guide and skid plate. The new SXg guide from MRP offers piece of mind in a lightweight package that introduces minimal drag. It’s also easy to install. Read on to learn more.

Stat Box
Materials: Alloy or carbon. Nylon+TPU guide Weight: 30-34t carbon 106g; 34-38t alloy 149g
Sizes: 30-34t and 34-38t Price: Alloy $170, Carbon $225
Chainline compatibility: Alloy 49mm and up; carbon 50mm and up, Boost 148 Rating: 4.5 Flamin' Chili Peppers 4.5 out of 5

  • Easy install
  • ISC-05 only
  • No drag
  • Only works with 30t and up

Review: MRP SXg Chain Guide

Whether you’re running a newer 1x drivetrain or have cobbled together your own 10-speed version, there’s a good chance you haven’t experienced a dropped chain in a while. That doesn’t mean you should write off the chain guide, though. These devices are handy for a number of reasons. We like them for the added protection they offer (especially when you’re talking about $90 chainrings), but racers swear by them as well. The new generation of chain guides are also vastly different than the version you may have run on your old downhill rig or 1×9 trail bike.

The lower guide of the SXg does not contact the chain under normal circumstances.

The lower guide of the SXg does not contact the chain under normal circumstances (click to enlarge).

The big mark against chainguides in the past was the amount of drag they added. But the MRP SXg manages to offer both lower and upper retention with minimal drag. The key is the Colorado company’s WhipperSnapper lower guide, which does not make contact with the chain under normal circumstances. Instead it works in conjunction with a narrow/wide chainring or clutched derailleur to catch the chain, while most full guides utilize a lower roller or pulley that applies tension.

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