Mtbr Norcal Community Helps Recover Rare Black Mojo HD


It’s been an interesting 72 hours. You might want to get some popcorn.

BlackMojoSo, for those of you who didn’t see the original MTBR post (which was pulled – edit: it’s back up), I am the lucky owner of one of two extant large nude-colored Ibis Mojo HDs in the US (Brian Lopes owns the other one). I got the bike from Avi at Wrench Science in Berkeley, who graciously tolerated my 10,000 email queries, dialed the bike in and set me up extremely well. It’s the first bike I have been able to afford to buy in five years, a present to myself for getting a real job after being in postgraduate limbo for far too long. Biology is fun but academia doesn’t pay well.

I had the bike for eight days and had planned to go for my third ride on it after work on Thursday (the first two were amazing. I won’t review the bike here, but it’s freakishly light, and very fast and stiff in the chunk). The bike was locked with a Kryptonite to my roof rack at work, parked around the back of the Agilent campus in Santa Clara where there are patrolling security guards, a gazillion security cameras, plus the bike was in plain sight of everyone working in my building.

I came out of the door and looked open-mouthed at my car. My bike was gone. Slowly walking to my car, a sinking sensation in my chest, the lock is cut. Pure rage and helplessness. I go to security and tell them what happened, get in my car and drive home. I’ve had bikes stolen before, but this one really hurt. It’s not one of the great tragedies in life, but it’s also not nothing. I got home, drank a few beers, and posted on MTBR in a thread already started by tburger. I didn’t sleep much. I stayed awake breaking the thief’s jaw over and over again in my mind.

The next day I started to comb through craigslist at work, hoping in the off chance that the thief was supremely dumb. I didn’t find anything there, but then I searched on Google, which apparently archives CL pretty quickly, and found a post from Thursday night on CL – when following the link to CL I was led to a page that informed me it had been pulled. I posted the screencap to the MTBR stolen HD thread, and one of the other MTBR people (I forgot who, but thank you – edit: it was tgoff – thank you!) performed a superior Google search to my own, and came up with a similar post, but this one included the thief’s phone number.


Apparently, this is no Lex Luther. This kid is close to meeting the clinical definition of a moron.

I had already been in touch with the police, who were working on the best way to contact the thief and to recover the bike. In parallel, Stumpy Steve (who is now on my speed dial as “Steve Awesome”) whom I have never met, decided to make a call to the thief out of his own sense of indignant rage at bike thieves. Amazingly, the thief, whose name is Josh Scarbrough, was talked into taking cold hard cash for the bike at a meeting that was to happen last night. Steve got in touch with me through placing a call to Wrench Science, who then called me. I won’t give all the details of how this all went down because Steve will tell it much better than I ever could. Steve is smooth to the extent that he might actually be a superhero, whose superpower is smoothness.

To make a long story only slightly shorter, an undercover officer posing as Steve showed up at Josh’s house last night, and Josh – staggeringly brilliant Josh – rolls out of the house with my bike. The policeman informs Josh that he is a policeman and says that he has reason to believe the bike is stolen. He flips it over to look at the serial number but can’t find it. Because of this, Josh isn’t arrested on the spot, but the policeman takes the bike into holding.

After talking with Scot and Hans at Ibis this morning, it turns out that the serial # on the HD is located below the plastic rock guard that fits on the downtube. The policeman was able to remove the rock guard and found that the serial matched perfectly. Currently, Josh is on the lam. Given his amazing decision-making skills, I think we should have a pool on how long it takes for this kid to get picked up, maybe for trying to siphon gas out of a police car.


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  • Bazza says:

    Nice work. Great story.
    I love a happy ending.

  • glenn says:

    You deserve that Dale’s Pale Ale! Nice recovery of the bike. Everyone write down your serial number!

  • DIESELDOG706 says:

    Awesome! Thieves make me sick, especially bike thieves. I am glad you got your steed back!

  • Jaime says:

    I am glad you recovered… happy ending! The most important part is you got the bike bike, which isn’t the usual scenario. Usually you cut your losses and move on. Hopefully this kid got scared shitless and will realize the wrongness of his ways and lead a more honest life. We all do stupid things when we are young, and my guess is that he hasn’t had to work hard for anything yet. Usually people who have had to “earn” every hard dollar can appreciate it and develop a respect for others and their belongings. When I was 1bout 19, I once bought a nice Klein mountain bike off the “homeboy shopping network” for 75 bucks… there was a little guilt, but I didn’t think much until someone stole it from me! Karma!!! I really depended on that bike to get around. I remember how violated and angry I felt, but remembered how I got it. From that point on I realized that honesty is the best virtue, and I swore never to buy anything that seemed to be sketchy. It made an honest Joe out of me!

  • vigilante says:

    you’re a peaceful sort, it would have been next to impossible for me not to have brought a baseball bat to the set-up, and upon recovering my bike, beating said perp into a hospitalized state – seriously, i’d have broken his legs on his front stoop & risked the jail time… glad you got it back – hope it’s a felony theft & he has 2 strikes, already…

  • Eric G. says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! Justice Prevails!!! So glad you got it back!!

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