Mtbr’s top 10 most viewed videos of 2016

Top 10 lists, riding tricks, and abused department store bikes


In 2016, Brandon Semenuk dropped two of the best edits we’ve ever seen (here and here), yet those art-house inspired videos didn’t crack our top 10. The most popular videos were tutorials that demonstrated new riding techniques and mechanical tricks. There was also some hell raising on Walmart bikes. Scroll down for a full recap.

Top 10 Pro Mountain Bike Hacks

This list of the top 10 pro hacks ranges from the ultra-affordable to the completely custom, but our favorites include Loic Bruni’s trick for reducing mud build up and Marc Beaumont’s use of shock bushings to slacken out his frame.

1. Top 10 pro mountain bike hacks

Appropriately, we’re starting this top 10 list with a top 10 list. The focus of this video is the top tricks employed by professional racers. Catch the video here.

Glitter and tire sealant

Fact or fiction: Mixing in this shiny art supply can help seal large tire cuts.

2. Does adding glitter to tire sealant really work?

We’ve all heard stories from friends that mixing glitter into tire sealant can help seal larger cuts, but does it really work? Check out this video to find out. And if you’re extra curious about this topic, check out our interview with Stan’s NoTubes and e*thirteen on the same subject.

Bike Jumping

Poor jumping form can put undue stress on your body and bike.

3. Five most common MTB jumping mistakes

Jumping a mountain bike is a ton of fun, but it’s easy to get wrong. To avoid the dreaded dead sailor or nose dive, here are five great tips. Catch the video here.

Phil Kmetz on Huffy

Phil Kmetz risked life and limb pushing the limits of a sub $200 Huffy.

4. Riding a $179 Huffy full suspension bike on a DH trail

Can a sub-$200 Huffy survive downhill trail abuse? You already know the answer, but the end result is still hilarious. Watch the video evidence here.

Tubeless Tires

Simple upgrades like switching to tubeless can be a cost-effective method to improve performance.

5. Top 10 affordable (or free) mountain bike upgrades

Apparently, Mtbr readers love a good top 10 list, which is why No. 5 on this list covers 10 cost effective upgrades. Video delivered tips here.

Mongoose Bike From Walmart

While you can find seemingly good deals online or at a big box store, there’s no substitute for the knowledge and service you’ll receive at your local bike shop.

6. Video: Are Walmart bikes safe to ride?

Another Mtbr favorite is cheap bikes getting beat on. This time, it’s a $150 dual suspension POS from Walmart. Catch the video here.

Fat Bike versus Plus Bike

Mounting large volume 2.8” tires to wide rims has improved the rollover and traction of modern trail bikes, but how does that compare to the 4-5” wide tires found on fat bikes?

7. Face-off: Fat bike vs plus bike

Fat bikes tend to have 4-5” tires mounted on 26” rims. The new plus sized category uses 2.8-3.25” mounted on 27.5” rims. Both tires can be run at ultra-low PSI for extra traction. So how do the two compare against each other? Find out here.

Ryan Leech

Want to dial in some skills or learn new ones? Having a goal is key.

8. Three MTB skills drills that will make you a better rider

Ryan Leech is not only an incredible rider, he’s also a great teacher. If you want to improve your riding, we highly recommend checking out his private coaching website. For a taste of the content, check out these three simple drills.

27.5 vs 29er vs 27.5+ vs DH

This group of talented U.K. riders descended on Bike Park Wales with Soho Bikes to test a variety of wheel and tire sizes on a technical track.

9. Showdown: 27.5 versus 27.5+ versus 29er

It used to be there was only one wheel size, which somehow morphed into two, then three, and then all hell broke loose. To help determine which is the fastest, Soho Bikes gathered a who’s who of talent and headed off to the bike park. See what they discovered here.

Vivax Motor

The Vivax motor is hidden in the downtube and turns the bottom bracket with a one-way bearing.

10. Is a mountain bike with a hidden motor faster for XC racing

Last January, the cyclocross world was rocked when UCI officials discovered a motor hidden in the bike of a U23 racer. That drama got the GMBN crew thinking, could moto doping happen in mountain biking? Here is their conclusion.

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