NEMA Announces 2010 Contingency Program



As the 2010 MTB race season quickly approaches, Nema would like to announce our 2010 Contingency Program. In an effort to help give back to our supporting riders, Nema offers you a chance to recoup some of your hard earned dollars at the races this year! Check out the flier for more info!

1.. New riders must register in advance by sending your NAME, ADRESS, RACING CATEGORY to
[email protected] (only pre-registered riders qualify)
2. You will receive Nema stickers which you must place on your bike, and helmet.
3. Minimum of 5 riders in your class to qualify for payout.
4. Only official results from promoter will qualify.
5. Rider MUST list NEMA as a sponsor on entry form. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST rider must be wearing at 2 out of the following 3 products:

See More Details by clicking on the image below:


source: J. Dylan Dean,
NEMA International

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