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Chris Randall gives us the highlights coming from Clif Bar for 2012

The Climber Pouch from Clif Family Winery

All-Terrain Wine Transport

New Innovative Packaging that is as Easy on the Planet as the Palate:

  • Portable and Unbreakable – perfect for camping, picnics, barbeques, ball games and
    anywhere glass can’t go
  • Less Packaging, More Wine – 90% less waste than the glass equivalent
  • Environmentally Friendly – 80% lower carbon footprint than the glass equivalent
  • Highest Quality Wine – sourced from the nest California vineyards
  • Sip Anytime – wine tastes great for up to one month aer opening and chills in just
    14 minutes in the refrigerator
  • Great Value – equivalent of two 750ml bottles in every pouch

Environmentally Friendly + Convenience + Great Wine = A Winning Combination

Alternative packaging is growing in the double digits:
3L Premium Box wine +11.2%*
Tetra Pak wine +20.5%*
*AC Nielson, 52 weeks ending 1/8/11

1% For The Planet
Clif Family Winery is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and will donate one percent of all Climber Pouch sales to Trees for the Future, an organization that has been helping communities around the world plant trees since 1989.

Climber Pouch – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Climber Pouch?
The Climber Pouch, technically known as the Astrapouch, is an innovative packaging technology for the wine industry that was first launched three years ago in South Africa. The Astrapouch has a considerably lower carbon footprint and generates less landfill waste than other wine packaging options currently available.

How do the carbon emissions and waste generated from the Astrapouch differ from standard 750ml glass?
When comparing two 750ml glass bottles with one 1.5L Astrapouch, an unfilled Astrapouch package uses 80% lower gas emissions than two unfilled standard glass bottles on a per liter basis and represents a 90% reduction in landfill volume.

Astrapouch is 33% lighter than the glass equivalent and has the highest wine to packaging weight ratio – the pouch accounts for only 2% of the total product weight. Comparatively, glass accounts for 32%, TetraPack accounts for 4% and Bag-in-Box accounts for 8%.

What is the source of these carbon emission and waste generation facts?
A full life cycle analysis comparing a 1.5L Astrapouch with two standard glass 750ml bottles was conducted by Provisor Pty Ltd in accordance with the guidelines described in the international standard for life cycle assessment ISO: 14044. The information was verified by a third party.

Is the Climber Pouch recyclable?
The pouch is recyclable under standard recycle code 7. In the United States, about 10-15% of municipalities take SPI Code 7 mixed plastics.

Does the Climber Pouch contain BPA’s?
The Astrapouch packaging does not contain Bisphenol-A or other types of BPA.

What is the shelf-life of the Climber Pouch?
We recommend drinking the Climber Pouch within six months of “pouching” to ensure the freshest, highest quality wine.

How does the shelf-life compare to other alternative packaging types?
Provisor was also engaged to conduct an Oxygen Transmission Rate test comparing the shelf life of an Astrapouch and a bag-in-box package. The results showed that the rate of oxygen transmission of the Astrapouch is 30% less than a bag-in-box.

How durable is the Climber Pouch?
Multiple layers in the Climber Pouch packaging make it extremely durable and able to withstand a fall. This also means it can also go many places glass can’t go (i.e. your favorite beach!).

How long does the Climber Pouch wine stay fresh after opening?
Because the Astrapouch blocks UV light and the one way spout allows very little oxygen back into the pouch, The Climber Pouch wines will stay fresh for up to one month after opening. The perfect way to enjoy just a glass of wine without wasting an entire bottle!

Where does the fruit for the Climber Pouch wines come from and who makes the wines?
Clif Family Winery winemakers Sarah Gott and Bruce Regalia are making the Climber Pouch wines. Their focus is on making food friendly wines that are perfect for any adventure – indoor or outdoor! The fruit for our Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the Central Coast and the fruit for our Chardonnay comes from Northern California’s Delta region. We continue to focus on sourcing our fruit from growers that use sustainable farming practices.

Why is the Climber Pouch non vintage?
First and foremost we want to maintain freshness and wine quality. Being non vintage means that as vintages change we maintain flexibility in sourcing fruit so that we’re always delivering delicious food-friendly wines.

Where is the Climber Pouch available?
The Climber Pouch will be available in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Florida and Vermont starting Spring 2011. You can also purchase the Climber Pouch online at Please visit our web site for a full list of states where we can legally ship wine.

Why did Clif Family Winery decide to make wine in the Astrapouch?
We are committed to seeking out ways to lessen our impact on the planet. The Astrapouch uses fewer materials than any other wine packaging options on the market today. We also like the portability and convenience that the Astrapouch packaging offers for the active-minded consumer.

What is 1% for the Planet and how does that partnership work?
1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. This is a growing global organization with 1,386 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 2,398 environmental organizations worldwide.

One percent of all Climber Pouch sales will go to Trees for the Future, an organization that has been helping communities around the world plant trees since 1989. More information can be found at

Clif Mojo Introduces 3 New Flavors

Choclate Almond Coconut
Toasted coconut, chunksof chocolate and wholeroasted almonds

White Chocolate Macadamia
Freshly roasted macadamia nuts with richly flavored white chocolate chips

Dipped S’mores
Our healthy take on a classic campfire favorite

All natural with 70% organic ingredients
8g protein*
Low glycemic flavors
1-3g fiber**
*See nutritional information for saturated fat content
**Contains 9-13g total fat

Clif CRUNCH Granola Bars Introduces 2 New Flavors

  • Two Fantastic New Flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter and Blueberry Crisp.
  • These unique flavors add variety to the crunchy granola section.
  • Both new flavors received overall liking scores consistent with Chocolate Chip (current #1 selling CLIF Crunch SKU).

Certified organic ingredients
One serving of organic whole grains*
Good source of fiber†
4 grams of protein
Low glycemic flavors
*Based on USDA Guidelines
†Contains 9 grams Total Fat

Introducing New Clif Shot Bloks Citrus

  • Engergizes during activity with carbohydrates and electrolytes
  • Fastpak enables one-handed use and easily fits in a bike jersey, running shorts, or backpack
  • Available in 8 flavors – 3 with caffeine and 1 with 3x sodium
  • Contains 95% organic ingredients
  • Available October 2011

Introducing a Fresh-Baked Delicious Treat from Clif Bar

Coconut Chocolate Chip

  • Loaded with toasted coconut and chocolate chips
  • Unique flavor profile to drive incremental purchase
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Excellent source of protein and fiber
  • Entirely natural – no artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • 23 vitamins and minerals

Clif Bar Winter Favorites Are Back for a Limited Time

Introducing new flavor Peppermint Stick

  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Good source of protein and fiber
  • Entirely natural – no artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • 23 vitamins and minerals
  • 1% of seasonal bar net sales will benefit the Winter Wildlands Alliance
  • Available for the 2011 Fall/Winter season

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Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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