New crop of Topeak tools offer innovative convenience

Tubeless inflator, hidden hand pump, and two cool torque wrenches

Gear Sea Otter Classic

2016 Sea Otter Classic

The bike industry is in a period of rapid innovation — and it’s not limited to just bikes. Companies such as Topeak are getting creative with tool design, coming up with new and unique takes on old standards such as the hand pump, multi-tool, and floor pump (though Bontrager gets credit for breaking the mold on the later). We took a quick spin through the Topeak tent during the Sea Otter Classic. Here are four of the company’s coolest bike tools.

Topeak Ninja P Hand Pump

Ninja P Hand Pump

At first glance this 90-gram aluminum inflator looks like a standard hand pump. But thanks to a special expandable rubber mounting ring, you can stash it inside your seatpost, opening up valuable jersey or saddle bag space. The pump fits inside 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm posts, and also comes with position indicators, so you’ll be able to restore proper saddle height after you’ve fixed your flat. Price: $30

Topeak Nano Torquebar Torque Wrench

Nano Torquebar Torque Wrench

A good torque wrench can save you countless headaches, not to mention money, lest you over tighten (and crack) your carbon handlebars or other piece of high-zoot composite componentry. Topeak’s light and slim Nano Torquebar comes in 4Nm, 5Nm, and 6Nm versions, and each set includes 5 tool bits: 3/4/5mm hex keys, and T20 and T25 torx. Two of those bits can fit inside the wrench’s handle, making this both a great home shop and on-bike option. Claimed weight is 62 grams with two bits inside. Price: $40.

Topeak Nano Torque Box

Nano Torque Box

For the ultimate in torque wrench portability, you’ll be hard pressed to beat Topeak’s Nano Torque Box, a pocket-sized kit that works with any 5mm Allen wrench, multi-tool or otherwise. Boxes are available with a 4Nm, 5Nm, or 6Nm pre-set, plus the five most commonly needed tool bits: 3/4/5mm hex keys, and T20 and T25 torx. Simply drop the right bit into the pre-set, then mount on your 5mm, and you’re cranking with caution. Claimed weight is 75 grams. Price: $30.

Topeak Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump

Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump

Bontrager was first to market with its Flash Charger pump. Now Topeak is in the game with the Joe Blow Booster, a floor pump designed specifically for inflating troublesome tubeless tires. The Topeak air blaster has an aluminum chamber that stores air up to 160psi. After connecting the hose to your wheel’s valve, it takes about 40 pumps to reach full “charge.” Then simply flip the switch to “Inflate” and all that air comes blasting out, pushing your tire bead into place. From there you can fine-tune pressure by using the pump in standard mode. An easy-to-read top-mounted gauge helps you nail the perfect psi.

We have one of these in for test and have been impressed so far. It doesn’t always work on the first try, but the Joe Blow Booster is far more effective than the pump-as-fast-as-you-can-until-your-arms-explode technique, and far quieter and lighter than your average air compressor. We also appreciate the wide, stable base, and long hose length. Price: $160.

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This article is part of Mtbr’s coverage of the 2016 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. For more from Sea Otter CLICK HERE.

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