New Demon Knee and Elbow Soft Cap Pro X D3O

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Welcome to the next generation of protective gear by Demon. The new Demon Soft Cap Pro X D3O Knee and Soft Cap Pro X D3O Elbow are our most versatile pads yet. Ultra-lightweight from their slim design, these elbow and kneepads provide a very low profile fit without forfeiting protection. From ocean to river to city to mountain, Demon Soft Cap Pro X D3O will do the trick. Made with flexible lycra along the front and neoprene along the back, these pads are breathable and will keep you cool and dry in any element. These pads come equipped with the impact technology of D3O, protecting you from little dings, to major wipeouts. The comfort lies largely, though, with the memory foam lining on the back of the D3O. This offers added protection as well as an extremely comfortable fit. These pads also have strands of beaded silicone running the diameter of the inside to keep them in place during heavy exercise and sweating. These pads can be used in a huge variety of sports. So whether it’s kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, snowboarding or any sport in between, go nuts with Demons new Soft Cap Pro X D3O.

Watch the technical video of the Demon Soft Cap Pro X D3O

Source: Trevor Long

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