New Documentary “The Moment” explores the growth of Freeride

Starring the Fro Riders

The Moment

The Moment follows the journey of the Fro Riders, a small group of freeride innovators in Canada.

While the Repack crew is credited with the creation of the mountain biking, an equally important crew emerged in the mid 90s. Known as the Fro Riders, this group would push the boundaries of what was possible on a mountain bike.

A new film by Darcy Turenne, herself a former professional rider, explores the roots of freeride in a remarkable new documentary. The film is slated to be released in October, but you can catch the teaser above.

Want to support this film? Turenne has recently launched a Kickstarter to help cover final production costs. Backers who pledge financial support, can choose from a number pledge levels, which include neat rewards, like a signed Wade Simmon’s Jersey or Brett Tippie’s Old shorts. You can learn more (and back the project), here.

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