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Niner One 9

The Niner One 9 was one of our first and best-loved models – a sexy, light-as-a-feather singlespeed for racing and epic XC rides. This upgraded version integrates advanced features throughout.

  • Our award-winning One 9 gets a technology update
  • Lighter, stiffer, stronger alloy single speed from Niner Bikes
  • Custom hydroformed aluminum alloy tubing for a carefully tuned ride feel
  • Tapered headtube for steering precision, stiffness
  • Niner’s proven hardtail 29er geometry
  • Optimized for 80 to 100mm suspension forks
  • Exceptional tire and heel clearance
  • Disc brake only
  • EBB bottom bracket is easy to adjust
  • New bottle opener singlespeed dropout
  • A single cable stop in conjunction with an optional gear kit (removable downtube guides and hanger) allows for full-length cable housing and derailleurs
  • Available in 2 finish options, Tang/Licorice Paint and Anodized Black

New Frame Material:
For the updated One 9 we have selected a newly available aluminum alloy from the 6000 series family. For those who are scandium loyalists this may require a change in mindset but the advantages are clear. For many years the lightest alloy racing frames used round tubing. Recent advances in tubing manipulation have resulted in stronger, lighter frames through hydroforming. While a historically important material, scandium is not compliant with newly available hydroforming and production methods. When looking to produce advanced designs with a carefully tuned ride-feel, we have to look for better raw material options.

  • Our new alloy tubing produces a stronger One 9 frame than the previous material. In testing, the new One 9 is stiffer than previous round-tube models.
  • This new material allows us to double, triple or even quad butt the tubing where we see fit, giving us a light but compliant frame. Those of you riding the original One 9 will be pleased with the great ride quality. Pair it with the precision of the RDO fork and the comfort of our Unstiff Carbon Layup RDO Seatpost for a ride that borders on sublime.
  • Our new alloy tubing loves to be shaped, giving us significant design freedom. We are now able to tune our alloy frame as carefully as we do our carbon frames, adding strength where needed and improving ride feel via tube-shaping methods. These methods complement our award-winning geometry to create an advanced alloy hardtail for racing applications.
  • Our new alloy tubing can be anodized. While not recommended for the previous material the new One 9 is anodizing-friendly, allowing folks to get a rugged and extra-light finish in a stealthy black with low profile logos.
  • The new One 9 will win more races. The net effect of a lighter, stronger and stiffer frame with better ride feel is a faster bike.

Tapered Headtube
The benefits of a tapered headtube aren’t just for riders of long travel bikes. XC racers and riders also see significant advantages, which is why we have incorporated the technology into the One 9.

  • By allowing for the use of the newest generation of tapered steerer suspension forks, we create the stiffest front end possible – leading to increased steering precision as you carve a corner and descend toward the finish line.
  • The change in headtube standards also allows us to incorporate an integrated headset – giving you the same stack height as our original One 9 with a significant increase in torsional stiffness.

Hydroformed Tubing Throughout
Riders will notice significant changes to the look of the new frame due to hydroformed tubing used throughout. However the effect of this upgrade goes much further than appearance. Hydroforming allows us to shape the tubes and optimize strength and stiffness in key areas, giving us the ability to create beautifully tuned frames with the precise ride characteristics we seek for every application. In testing, this frame puts up stiffness numbers much higher than the original, with no weight penalty. We utilize hydroforming in the toptube, downtube, headtube, chainstays and seatstays.

  • Because of the larger welding area created by the new tapered headtube we are able to include a larger hydroformed downtube as well as a significantly larger diameter toptube, contributing to a much stronger frame.
  • The shape of a tube is as important now as the material it is made from. Shaping has a huge effect on the way stress is distributed across and around a tube. Controlling the stress distribution enables us to use less material while maintaining, or even increasing, the frame strength.
  • Shaped tubing is found in many frames. It is important to be aware that how a tube is shaped can change the quality of the results. The least expensive method for shaping a tube is via mechanical forming. In this process, tube shapes are achieved by manipulating a straight gauge tube using mandrils, dies and tube bending equipment. This approach has limits, particularly when it comes to tube bends and tube butting (wall thickness). To contrast, Niner uses a multi-stage hydroforming process – a straight gauge tube is butted and mechanically formed in preparation for the hydroforming process. Once the initial tube geometry is achieved, the tube is fully enclosed in a die, then pressurized with hydraulic fluid. This causes the aluminum to expand, obtaining the shape of the die. This process allows better control of wall thickness and more flexibility in cross sectional shaping over mechanical forming.
  • Chainstays, seat tube and seatstays also benefit from hydroforming, via controlled wall thicknesses for increased butting profiles. This translates to a rear triangle that is tuned for stiffness, strength and vertical compliance – in other words, ideal ride feel.

Real World Weight Savings
Finally, the question everyone asks – is it lighter than the old version? The new frames average about 70g lighter depending on size and finish. So yes, you will save weight in addition to increasing power output and efficiency – an all-around win.

The first run of the new One 9 in black anodized ships to US and International dealers in 2 weeks. The Tang/Black Licorice One 9 ships
to dealers in 5 weeks. MSRP $899 w/ EBB

Niner RDO Fork

The RDO Fork starts with our incredible Niner Carbon Fork and increases steering precision with a Rock Shox Maxle through-axle. The no-compromises 15mm interface makes this our go-to race weapon for riders seeking every advantage.

  • Disc Only
  • Tapered Steerer
  • No rider weight limit
  • Fits rotors up to 185mm
  • 470mm axle to crown
  • 45mm offset
  • 570g, 630g with 15mm Maxle
  • Eurobike 2010 Award winning design

The new RDO carbon fork ships to dealers in 5 weeks. First come first serve for the first batch. Substantial stock will be available in December. $549 with Maxle Lite.

Niner RDO Seatpost

From the company that loves speed comes an unstiff seatpost that will smooth your world. Niner’s RDO seatpost is designed to deflect more than other carbon posts, offering a small degree of suspension that makes a big difference by the end of your ride, whether you rock the rigid singlespeed or fly the full-suspension flag. Unlike bonded seatposts which add weight in transitions between dissimilar materials, the monocoque design of the RDO Seatpost is made lighter by eliminating bonded sections altogether. In addition to the full carbon complement, the internal structure of the post is designed to disperse impact energy throughout the entire structure, damping trail vibrations and increasing fore-aft flexibility to absorb shock before it reaches your body without compromising energy transfer. We call it Unstiff Carbon Layup but we hope you’ll call it “Perfection.”

  • Unstiff Carbon Layup deflects up to twice as much as traditional post
    designs, offering unparalleled comfort.
  • Simple and strong 2-bolt clamp, zero setback design
  • 27.2mm x 400mm, 30.9mm x 370mm and 31.6mm x 400mm
  • 210-220g

Weight, Strength and Sexiness place the RDO Seatpost among component leaders but the most exciting story is Flex. The Unstiff Carbon Layup of the RDO Seatpost is designed to deflect more than other rigid seatposts on the market, almost twice as much as our alloy model.

Optimization is our favorite word at Niner and you can be assured that the RDO post is no exception. This component takes advantage of our manufacturing know-how to minimize weight while exceeding industry standards. Roll in Peace knowing the RDO post is backed by our C5 Carbon warranty.

The new RDO carbon seatpost is shipping to dealers in the USA and Internationally in 4 weeks. MSRP $199.

Niner Dog Collar with Beer Opener


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