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Abby Tools Flangeless Dust Seal

Abbey’s new dust seals are only available in a 32 and 35mm versions. We may see other sizes available in the future.

Abbey Seal Driver

Abbey has a number of new tools designed in collaboration with RockShox. First up, the new Flangeless Dust Seal Installation tool. It’s available in either a 32mm or 35mm. The seal driver features an extended sleeve that engages the upper bushing of the seal to ensure perfect alignment. It also prevents the dust seal from being pushed too far in. Price is $100.

Abbey Reverb and Charger Wrenches

You don’t have to worry about scratching up your fork or seatpost with these new wrenches.

Abbey Charger Damper and Reverb Wrenches

If you’re a professional wrench in a popular riding destination, you probably service a fair number of Charger dampers and Reverb dropper posts each month. Abbey’s new service wrenches should make life easier. The Charger wrench has a 23mm and 25mm end, which makes servicing the seal head and upper assembly easier. The Charger 2 wrench features two different 15mm ends that are designed to work on the RL and RLC inner seal heads. The Reverb wrench has a 23mm and 24mm end. They work on both 30.9 and 31.6 collets and the inner seal head. Each wrench sells for $70.

Typically, Abbey tools come in a lovely shade of ano green. For the RockShox series, they’ve gone with #fastblack.

Typically, Abbey tools come in a lovely shade of ano green. For the RockShox series, they’ve gone with black.

Abbey Top Cap Suspension Sockets

Abbey already offers a full range of flat face/chamferless sockets for top caps, but they’ve now introduced two RockShox specific versions in a size 24 and 30. They each sell for $35.

Abbey Cassette Socket

You can use this new socket on your cassette or your RockShox fork.

Abbey Top Cap Cassette Socket

Abbey was also showcasing a new cassette tool socket designed for the new top system RockShox is using in forks such as the Pike, Lyrik, and SID. You can also use this tool for installing and removing cassettes. Price is $50.

Birzman Push and Twist

The new Push and Twist pump head replaces the Snap-it head.

Birzman Push and Twist Pump Head

Birzman’s original quick release pump head was a big hit, but it only worked on Presta valves and was often finicky. For 2017, they’ve introduced a simpler version called the Push and Twist. This quick release head uses a simple push and twist motion to mount and is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. It will ship on new pumps starting in June and will retrofit on existing pumps.

Birzman Apogee Pump

The new Apogee pumps will make short work of puncture repairs.

Birzman Apogee and Apogee Lite Pumps

The Apogee line of pumps are small enough to tote around, but fold out to reveal a footrest and handle. It’s available in two versions, the regular Apogee has an inline gauge and retails for $48. The Apogee Lite loses the pressure gauge but saves you $8. Currently, they’re only offered in a high pressure version but both will still work for MTB use.

Birzman Pump Up compressor

No compressor? No problem.

Birzman Pump Up

Air compressors make mounting tubeless tires easy, but they’re not always practical to carry around. Birzman’s new Pump Up allows you to carry up to 160 PSI of compressed air. You fill it with either a standard pump (or compressor) and it’s ready to blast air whenever you need to seat a tire. Price is TBD.

Birzman One Sprocket

Once you use a vice whip, you’ll never go back.

Birzman One Sprocket Remover

There’s nothing wrong with the standard chain whip until you use a vice whip for the first time. Birzman’s put their own spin on the category with the new One Sprocket remover. It looks a little like a lobster claw and uses a spring loaded lever to capture the cassette. Price is TBD and it should be available in July.

Lezyne Pro Chain Tool

An adjustable driver makes this Lezyne tool compatible with a wide variety of chains.

Lezyne Pro Chain Tool

Lezyne is expanding their line of pro level tools by adding a new chain tool. The machined driver is easily adjustable so it’s compatible with chains of different widths. Inside the wooden handle is storage for an additional pin. Price is $50.

Lezyne Tools

Pick a color, any color.

New Colors From Lezyne

If you’d like to match your tools and your bike, Lezyne is now offering their tools, pumps, and bottle cages in a myriad of colors.

Park Tool SBS-3 Socket

The SBS-3 includes just about every bit you’d need to wrench on a bike.

Fork Specific Sockets From Park Tools

You can get away with servicing your fork using an adjustable wrench or grinding down a socket, but nothing beats having the right tool for the job. That’s why Park recently introduced a new flat top socket kit. The SBS-3 kit includes flat faced sockets in the most common sizes, as well as regular sockets, hex bits, and torx compatible drivers. A separate kit will be available later this year that includes only the flat top socket kit.

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