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NiteFLUX Photon 4 Commuter and Enduro

Light Price Claimed Lumens Runtime Battery Type Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight Lumens per gram Lumens per dollar
Photon Max $375.99 800 2hrs 40min Lithium Ion 151g 419g 517g 1.40 2.00
Photon 4 – Commuter $136.99 270 2hrs Lithium Ion 273g 0 313g 0.99 1.35
Photon 4 – Enduro $203.99 270 6hrs Lithium Ion 176g 265g 562g 0.50 0.90

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.

NiteFLUX Photon 4 Commuter Photos

img_3081.jpg img_3082.jpg


The Photon 4 Commuter and Enduro share the same light head. They differ in battery size as the Commuter has a 2 hour battery and the Enduro has a 6 hour one. The Photon 4 Commuter is a self contained system since the battery is mounted with the light head. The Enduro is a traditional wired system since the battery is quite big and needs to be mounted on the frame.

The switch is mounted right on the light head and is easy to operate. it toggles on to Low – High – Flash modes when turned on. It takes one press of the button to turn it on. To turn it off, one has to hold the button for about 2 seconds. One nice feature is the switch remembers the last setting when the light is turned on. This is key so one does not have to scroll through the flash mode everytime the light is turned on.

As mentioned, the Photon 4 can be a first class flashlight. It can be handy around the house and can be used for all purposes when not on the bike. The big Photon 4 Enduro is a very big flashlight, reminescent of the the Mag Lite ones that double as batons!

NiteFLUX Photon 4 Enduro Photos


img_3078.jpg img_3077.jpg img_3076.jpg enduro-bar-mounted.jpg


The Photon 4 Commuter is interesting. It looks like a flashlight. It acts like a flashlight. What’s neat is it comes apart at the head and both sides mount on to a very innovative bike handlebar mount. The mount holds the the Photon 4 Commuter head and battery securely. This makes it a self-contained system and the rider benefits from the convenience of no remote battery and no wires to interfere with steering. The mount is sturdy and can be aimed left to right easily.

In the Photon 4 Enduro, only the light head is mounted and the battery is wired to the head. The light ouput of the the Enduro is the same as the commuter but it has a wider beam pattern. It is not as convenient as the Commuter since the battery has to be mounted remotely and it is a wired system. What it offers is an amazing run time of 6 hours at full power.

The Photon 4 Enduro can be mounted on the helmet with the supplied helmet mount. It is very secure and can be aimed left to right very easily. The battery needs to go in a backpack since it is rather long.

The Photon 4 Commuter can be mounted on the helmet but an optional helmet mount for it needs to be purchase. It’s a pretty good sytem but the 313 gram installed weight is on the heavy side for a helmet mounted light.

Light Meter Measurements:

The Photon 4 Commuter and Enduro share the same light head and they both measure in at 12 Lux on our ambient light test. This is at the low end of our lights in this shootout and compares to the 12 Lux of the Light and Motion Stella and the 14 Lux of the Exposure Joystick Maxx


  • very nice construction
  • innovate head design and light mount
  • the Photon 4 Commuter is self contained
  • comes with a nice carrying case like other NiteFlux lights
  • can be a very handy flashlight


  • not enough light output, specially the Enduro which is big and not self contained
  • beam pattern is not clean and has a few artifacts

Bottom Line:

As impressed as we are with the NiteFLUX Photon Max, we’re not quite as excited with these two offereings. The light output and quality is on the low end of the range. The mounting for the Photo 4 Commuter is quite clean and innovative. The Enduro mounting is not as convenient but does have the benefit of a 6 hour run time.

The good news is the build quality seems very good and the price is right. $137 for the Commuter and $204 for the Enduro is a very good deal.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Photon 4, Photon 4 Commuter and Photon 4 Enduro combined

niteflux-photon-4.jpg niteflux-photon-4-dual.jpg

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

NiteFLUX Photon 4 Commuter Rating

Value Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.25 out of 5 Stars

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NiteFLUX Photon 4 Enduro Rating

Value Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

3.75 out of 5 Stars

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Word from the manufacturer:

Photon 4 Commuter

The Commuter is compact, light, incredibly bright and its sturdy alloy construction make it virtually unbreakable.

The Cable Free Mounting allows for very easy fitting, in a matter of seconds you’ll be away and riding.

On high beam the Commuter is perfect for high speed road use, effective for single track MTB and is daylight visible.

The intense 4 watt flash mode will make road signs flash back at you up to 400m (1/4 mile) away.

The Commuter is part of the legendary VisionStick range, as the name suggests it easily converts to a high quality Flashlight. Note: The Commuter 4 is helmet mount compatible, requiring an extension lead and helmet mount, available as optional extras.

The Commuter also has extensive thermal management Multi Stage Heat Sinking. A strategically designed large internal alloy heat sink, in conjunction with the outer alloy headlight body provides three levels of stepped heat sinking. This draws heat quickly and effectively away from the LED, ensuring it maintains an optimal running temperature, even at higher wattages. Cooler LED’s = Brighter Light –

At 270 Lumens light output it one of the brightest single LED 4watt systems available.

NiteFlux Innovations

ICC-Intelligent Charge Control, CWT – Constant Watt Technology, Forced Air Cooling, Temperature Sensing, Low Battery Protection, Electronic Brain, Charge Status Protection, LED Lens, Cable Free Mounting, Flashlight Convertible

Photon 4 Enduro

The Photon 4 Enduro has all the functions of the Commuter combined with the powerful 3 cell Li-Ion VisionStick battery. This extends Hi-Beam runtime to 6 hours. The VisionStick battery can be mounted to any bike, the double battery bracket bolting conveniently under your bottle cage.

An expanding power lead stretches to 1.6m allowing for a variety of battery

locations and light positions. This lead also makes it possible to fit the LED head unit to the helmet mount bracket.

Being part of the VisionStick range it is Flashlight convertible this dual functionality has been widely appreciated in the established markets of Australia and New Zealand for many years – having a high quality flashlight on hand with charged batteries is not only handy in power black out but also great to use around the pit area at Night racers.

CWT – Constant Watt Technology ensures you gat maximum illumination for 90% of you discharge cycle, normally as the battery discharges it gets a voltage drop, as the voltage drops the light output also drops, this does not happen with NiteFLUX lights. Low Battery protection ensures the battery is shut down before the battery cells are exhausted, there is always approximately 10% charge kept in reserve to keep the battery alive and well.

The whole VisionStick range uses ‘Multi-Stage Heat Sinking’ which dramatically improves thermal management and ensures the LED maintains optimal intensity. Cooler LEDs = Brighter Light and increased performance over the LED’s life span.

NiteFlux Innovations

ICC-Intelligent Charge Control, CWT – Constant Watt Technology, Multi Stage Heat Sinking, Low Battery Protection, Electronic Brain, Charge Status Indication, LED Lens, Flashlight Convertible

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