Niterider Pro 1500 Race – 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootout

Lights Shootout Video

Last year, this light was called the Niterider Pro 700 Race and it retailed for $500.  This year, with the same form factor and weight, the output is more than doubled to the Niterider Pro 1500 with 1500 lumens of claimed output.  And the retail price drops from $500 to $350.  This is the main reason why 2012 is such a great year for lights. Customers are simply getting more for less money.

The only real downside to all this progress is run time has dropped to 1.5 hours at full power compared to 2.5 hours last year. But there is a ‘Standard’ version as opposed to this ‘Race’ version. That one sports a bigger battery and bumps up the weight by about 150 grams.   The good news is it’s perfectly reasonable to run this light at half power most of the time.  At medium level, this light lasts 3 hours.  Then the user can just boost it to full power when needed.

So this unit is like a boost of energy for Niterider. It hits the sweet spot of light ouptut and affordability at the the enthusiast level of night riding. It is perfectly useable for aggressive trail riding by itself or paired with another light.

The light head has not increased in size over the years so it does get quite hot. It is now dissipating much more heat than before so adequate airflow is necessary is required when this light is used at the highest level.


  • Price: $350.00
  • Claimed Lumens: 1500 Lumens
  • Light Head Weight: 108 grams
  • Installed Weight: 496 grams
  • Run Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Measured MTBR Lux: 115 Lux
  • Measured Lumens: 1100 Lumens


Handlebar mounting is done with Niterider’s beefy center mount.  This 70 gram mount rivals the 108 gram light head in mass so it is a bit of overkill.  But it puts the light right in front of the stem face plate and it can be aimed left to right and it can be removed easily.

Helmet mounting is included and the light can be aimed a little bit on the up and down direction.

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