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July 16th

– pre-press release shots

July 17th

Test rides – Quick Review

Click on link for more ride details

xxxxSICK BIKE – can’t say enough, lower design – shorter chainstays – super fun bike.

A-Lineheavy park bike for sure – but will last forever

July 18th

Test rides – Quick Review

Click on link for more ride details

Shore Onevery light – nice bike can handle the hits too

Six 1super fun, but a bit of flex – light fr bike, can’t ask for everything

Empire 5Group favorite. Boyko, Dillan, other press folks here – but the TT is wicked short.

Fluid LT OneThis is what an All Mtn helli drop bike should be – so awesome and fun to ride.

Mace Gear website

’09 Mace gear

Weights updated – in comment section.

Spec Sheets –

(Click on Image which will open a new page – then click image to get larger version.)

teamdh_specs.jpg aline_specs.jpg shoreone_specs.jpg sixone_specs.jpg empire5_specs.jpg 4x_specs.jpg

Norco’s Picts Part 1:

A-Line – B-Line – Empire 5 – Fluid One – Fluid LT Three – Six 3 – Havoc <<more images

Norco’s Picts Part 2:

All the stock images for the ’09 bikes. <<more images

Ride Reports –

xxxx –

xxxx_200×300v2.jpg The ’09 XXXX(4x) caught my eye right off the bat. It was a bike I wanted to rip down Crank-It-Up with this bike as my first run at Whistler this year. I sure wasn’t disappointed. I test road the Medium frame, it only comes in S or M, which is fine, at 6’4″ I felt I definitely had more than enough room in the cockpit and wheelbase to handle high speeds and turns. The geometry of the bike felt perfect to me and the wide 710mm Sunline V1 handle bar and Sunline V1 40mm stem spread my hands out far enough to give a solid steady since of control.

After my warm up down Crank-It-Up it was time to for our group lunch (late start for the day because of Norco School). We went up to the very top of the mountain for lunch and of course were expected to ride down afterwards. I wasn’t expecting to take this bike for sure a full variety of trail conditions, but it was what I choose to ride. From the top, we road down some mellow single track, some bumps and rocks, then to an open sky slope that we bombed like our hair was on fire. The sky slope was loose and super sketchy and had water bars in it every now and then that we either had to hop over or manual through and suck up the impact with our legs. When the group got down to about where Original Sin/Freight Train start I received props for handling all that with a 4″ travel 4x bike. Really it helped that this bike is just wicked stable and assuring to ride.

We hit Freight Train and then on to some steep as all mighty heck rock rollers and this bike didn’t give one sight of slowing down. Once we got back down to Crank-It-Up I was up to speed on how this bike could really move.

As you can tell I really liked this bike, I think this is one of Norco’s best this year, at least from the six bikes I road. The changes they made came directly from rider input. They lowered the shock positioning in the frame. Shortened the chainstays, new link arms with added brace, lighter top tube, lower BB height and pretty ok components for #3225. What I didn’t like about the bike was purely in some components. Juicy 3 brakes and the pedals being my major complaint. Easy to chance out and not too costly. The Fox Float R handled very nicely as well. It was brand new, so rebound was fairly slow so the rear end felt like a hardtail with a bit of give on landings. The Fox Float R did rebound slowly but it was brand new. Oh, least I forget, the Intense Micro Knobby 2.25 tires are amazing. If you’ve not tried a pair you should.

A-Line –

aline-09-grn200x.jpgThe ’09 A-Line, Norco’s beastly thrasher bike, got some improvements for 2009. Unfortunately a diet is not one of them. I am sure wtih some component switching the bike could drop some weight, but riding it down Goats Gully was just irritating. The front hardly wanted to move. Granted, with speed the bike did mash over just about anything. 8 or 9, adjustable, inches of travel sure helps, but flicking the bike around was just not easy.

On A-Line the bike was, funny enough, great. The weight and geometry mixed with the speed and lips of A-Line is where this bike felt at home. Improvements this bike has for 2009 are; low stand over, adjustable BB height and head tube angle, lower shock position in frame, internal 1.5″ to 1 1/8th head tube that is forged (one solid piece), new forged link arms and 150x12mm through hole dropouts.

One thing is for sure, this bike will probably last longer than most riders, and will take a Bone Yard beating any day. With a $3700 MSRP the price versus quality of component choice and frame durability is very competitive. I road a Medium size while at Whistler and if you are a big boy like me 6’4″, I would suggest going for the Large frame, or at least seriously considering it. The cockpit was a hair on the smallish size, at least I thought. So, sit before you buy.

Shore One –

shoreone_200x.jpgI got to ride a Shore One on the second day of the event. Unfortunately for me, but saying a lot for the bike, the folks that got a hold of them on the first day didn’t let go. I swung a leg over a large fame with a Totem Coil and it felt great.

As far as the ride went, the bike was great. Much lighter than the A-Line and much more nimble. The single crown Totem with 1.5 steerer tube is wicked solid though I wish it rebounded a bit faster, especially for Whistler speed and stutter bumps. Up, off, and landing jumps the bike was solid in the air and while landing I felt no flex or sketchy behavior from the bike. 7″ inches of front and rear travel is perfect for this bike.

Improvements the Shore One got for ’09 are; new down tube shape, stronger and stiffer, stronger seat stays and chain stays, revised dropout. With a 150×12 Maxle rear axle and 1.5 head tube this is a solid, light weight freeride bike. It is still probably better for the shuttle days then the pedal days. It is lighter than last years model but, even with that and a double up front the lack of a full length seat tube reduces the variation of seat high and there for comfort up the hill. If I had one of these I’d just ditch the double up front, slap on an LG-1 and just suck up the pedaling when I have too. $5200 for the bike, comes with some pretty good stuff though so the price seem fair enough.

Six One –

six1_200x.jpgThe Six One is a half step bike between the Fluid LT and the Shore. It’s like freeride light. I got to bomb one of these bikes down Freight Train to No Joke to Golden Triangle. I road a size medium, which actually could have been a bit bigger, and looking at the specs there is basically no difference between the Shore and the Six except a bit steeper head angle for the Six(66.9 degree for the Six – 66 degrees for the Shore) and a lighter frame build, though it still felt just a tad bit smaller.

The Six did ride a bit more nimble for sure. The lighter weight and smaller rear triangle made the bike a bit less stable in the air and on a high speed loose section of Golden Triangle I could feel the rear flexing a bit as it bounce off rocks. Also a bit around some berms. Definitely a light freeride bike, great option for average size folks who want to be able to pedal up and bomb down. I did take this bike of the GLC drop, which is by no means a large drop, but the Six handled the landing like a champ with very little frame flex.

For 2009 the Six One gets a new forged 1.125″ headtube, E-13 dual ring guide, new chain stay clevis and a new lighter, stronger, stiffer down tube. Price is $4450 with SRAM x.9 rear deraileur and x.9 trigger shiters, Sun Jumping Flea hubs, and Hayes Stroker Trail 8″ front 7″ rear rotors.

Empire 5 –

empire5_200x.jpgThe Empire 5 is the new 5″ travel slope style bike with geometry design made to Ben Boyko’s custom request. I was super excited to get a run on this bike, and super sad when I did. The top tube length is wicked short. I would suggest if you are over 6ft not to get your hopes and dreams up over this bike. Both the big guys are the release who road the bike, along with myself, were basically smashed into the cockpit and felt very uncomfortable when jumping this bike. I had one run on this bike and traded back for the Shore. Just too small.

Now, for everybody else, everybody who fits, this bike seems to be perfect. A couple of the other riders at the event wouldn’t have let go of this bike for anything. They liked the geometry, the fact the bike is very light, super flickable, steep head angle for a bmx feel, and having watched people riding this bike on a variety of trail types, it might be very close to a do it all gravity bike.

The bike will be priced at $3650, and pretty reasonable price for a great frame with 135×12 rear axle, Marzocche 55ATA, TST Air, Sun hubs and rims. Somethings I would change out if you get the bike, especially if it is going to see some trail riding, would be the Juicy 3 brakes and the x.5 deraileur and shifter. Oh, the fork has a Space Invaders sticker theme, fairly well done actually.

Fluid LT One –

fluidltone_200x.jpgOh boy, this bike, is something else. At least from the small time I spent on it, which, sadly, was a small time. I saved it to last, and only got about an hour and half of an light xc ride on it, but the Fluid LT One is sure nice. Granted, it is also $6900, and it rides like it. Sitting on a large I felt right at home. The geometry on this bike is great. The components, other then the WTB Devo which is super hard and my butt wasn’t used to it, are fantastic. I9 hubs, DT-Swiss EX5.0 rims, x.0 triggers and rear deraileur, the list of gucci components goes on from there.

Like I said, I didn’t get a chance to really push this bike to the limits but I am going to see about getting a hold of one of the Fluid LT models for a longer test period. I did get to see Ryan Leech rock the Fluid LT down the Whistler trails. Besides his trails bikes, he rides the Fluid LT every where else. You might not think it, but he can ride gnarly single track dang near as well as riding an inch wide hand rail.

The Fluid LT series this year see some great improvements. New chainstay clevis, Anodized Finish, New forged link arm and clevis, New down tube for increase strength and stiffness, I9 hubs/spokes. This one I road has the ’08 seat stays that can vibrate a bit under braking. The new ’09 ones are square and a bit beefier. They aren’t supposed to vibrate under braking force but I wasn’t able to test it because they had not come in yet from overseas. This bike is fun, roomy, good downhill geometry, solid Thompson 4x Stem and 31.8 bars. This is a great helli-drop All Mountain bike.

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  • acebikemike says:

    Norcos are sick! I’m glad to see more shops like Gearhead selling them.

  • how much 1800$ i'll bye it says:

    how much if 18oo-2000 i’ll bye it

  • bob says:

    hey you should post a pic of the 09 rampage

  • gareth says:

    i would like to see the 09 4hun i ride the 08 and if the 09 looks as good as these ones i might buy a new one. i will likely be getting the empire5 as well

  • Anonymous says:

    What is the name of the new DH bike?

  • Sébastien Déry says:

    Can I have pictures of Norco’s most expensive road bikes.

  • Sébastien Déry says:

    Can I have pictures of most expensive carbon road bike.

  • John says:

    Can I have pictures of the Dirt/Street bikes?

  • Bakht says:

    Is the name of the new dh bike still the norco dh or is it something else and do you know how much the norco 5 will cost


  • jordan says:

    hey j.w. you could send me the parts list on the empire 5 thx

  • JB says:

    Nice, truvativ new gear box thingo on the shore and rampage.

  • йа says:

    что за хрень

  • Mark says:

    When are they going to post the new bikes on their website? and what kind of tires are on the 250 (they’re kinda ugly)

  • adam says:

    Mark –

    I believe the tires on the 250 are a custom grey color for norco made by kenda. It actually, at least in my book, looks pretty good in real life. I’ve got highres images to upload later so you can take a look.

    Not sure when they plan to have the new products on but I can ask.


  • jordan says:

    sorry about that i was refering to just wondering if i could get the parts list on the empire 5 or what ever it is called sorry

  • adam says:


    no worries, I’ll get the part list up tonight or tomorrow morning. I was just wondering, like, who is that? 🙂

  • nick says:

    xc bikes????

  • joe says:

    which one is the shore 2 and 3, i cant tell

  • Fritz says:

    Shore 2 is green, Shore 3 blue.

  • Tyler says:

    hey do you know when the empire five will be available?


  • Adam says:

    Hey folks, I’ve answered some questions in the notes section on the post. I am going to have to wait for more specifics ono release dates/time frames.

    Also I’ve got a request out to the head bike guy about any changes in ramping rates and other tech stuff I’ll post later. I have to say, these bikes all running the four-bar design have very different feels between them, some more livily than others. Most of this of course can be changed with tweaking the shox/fork – but kind of hard to fine tune that stuff when you ride 6 different bikes in 10hrs.

    Look forward to a slide show of the highres images from Norco’s ’09 line up and Mace ’09 line up. FYI – the new Mace gear seems pretty sweet, they put a lot of thought into it even though their categories names for the clothing is kind of lame. But, I guess it helps though who don’t know know what kind of clothes you need for what type of riding conditions.

  • joe says:

    do you know the weight of the shores?

  • Anonymous says:

    Can you post the specs for the regular A-Line? Do you have a prece and weight? Thanks!

  • adam says:

    The bikes should be rolling out in the Fall as they come in and the website should be up Aug 31st.

  • Neil says:

    Would like to see what changes where made to the A-lines. Do the shore 2 & 3 have a new fork from Marzocchi? they kind of look Totem-ish.
    Great review Mtbr.

  • Adam says:

    Hey Neil,

    A-Line Park – fork – Marz 888RCV
    A-Line – fork – Marz 888RCV

  • JB says:

    I’m keeping a bit of a blog here about any 09 norco gear I find..

    Heaps of pics….,1164.0.html

    Anyone know what the go with the aline dropout is? Will it be on the team dh also?

  • adam says:

    JB – I am looking at the notebook norco gave us and it looks like the drop out is going to be the way you see it in picture above. Pretty standard dropout.

  • JB says:

    thanks mate. is it on the team dh also?

  • whats the price on the rampage really want to no thanks!!!

  • Derrick says:

    hey, would like to know the weight and price of the rampage looks awsoooome this year really looking foward to biging one bin riding a norco since i was 3 years old lol theve really got ane awsome bike!!!

  • PS says:

    it is not a road bike it’s a cyclocross bike.

  • Derrick says:

    hey PS who u repliying to man

  • Derrick says:

    and adam nevermind finding the price on the rampage sorry there was a change of plans and desided to get the sasquatch can u get the price on that thanx

  • adam says:

    I think “PS” is talking to me – He was right – the red “road” bike is actually a x-bike – got the name changed.

    I am waiting to hear back from Norco about bike weights – I’ll email again. I am also waiting to hear about ramping rates for the different bikes and differences from last year.

    Prices: (Please note – Norco did say prices may change throughout the year due to global supply and economic issues – so dont get all bent if something isn’t dead on.)

    DH Team: $7100
    Aline Park: $4750
    Aline: $3700
    Atomik: $3100
    Shore 1: $5200
    Shore 2: $3600
    Shore 3: $2950
    Six 1: $4450
    Six 2: $3600
    Six 3: $2650
    Stryk: $2100
    Bline: $1850
    xxxx: $3225
    Empire 5: $3650
    Fluid LT 1: $6900
    Fluid LT 2: $3600
    Fluid LT 3: $2500
    Fluid 1: $4150
    Fluid 2: $2950
    Fluid 3: $2180
    Fluid 4: $1799
    Faze 1: $5999
    Faze 2: $3550
    Faze 3: $2375
    Ronin 1 (29er): $2125
    Ronin 2 (29er): $1399
    4Hun: $2200
    Two50: $1895
    One25: $1509
    Ryde: $1200
    Havoc: $1025
    Rampage: $2599
    Manik: $1725
    Sasquatch: $1425
    Bigfoot: $1075
    Kompressor: $950

  • Derrick says:

    thank adam and what about the sponsership thing i’m just wondering if i can even get sponcered at 13 years old and how i get there

  • adam says:

    Derrick – your best is to go over sponsorship questions on the forums. You’ll find better answers there.

  • eric says:

    norco got some sick bikes this year but the price went up abit.

  • Graham says:

    I am looking at purchasing 12-15 bikes for a commerial Op.,I’ve seen the Bigfoot,what other bikes at the bottom end of the range will suit with a view to price,ease to maintain, relability.I’m based in Oz.
    Thanks for this great webpage, Graham 🙂

  • adam says:


    Not sure what to tell you – your best bet would be to contact Norco directly or a regional distributor.

    good luck.

  • Joey says:

    Hey Guys,

    I was Wondering when the norco bikes were going to be available for purchase by publis… im looking forwards to buying the rampage though i was wondering if there are any other colour than the one here



  • Derrick says:

    is the norco stryk have 26 inch tires

  • adam says:

    “is the norco stryk have 26 inch tires”

    in the norco book it says it comes w/ 26×2.35 kenda nevegals

  • adam says:


    The bikes should be releasing near the end of the year, late fall.

  • adam says:

    Model / Weight in lbs

    Team DH – 37.5lbs
    A-line – 46lbs
    A-line Park – 46lbs
    Atomik – 42lbs

    Shore 1 – 40lbs
    Shore 2 – 43lbs
    Shore 3 – 41lbs

    Six 1 – 34lbs
    Six 2 – 35lbs

    Empire 5 – 34lbs
    XXXX – 32lbs

    Fluid LT 1 – 31lbs
    Fluid LT 2 – 34.5lbs

    Rampage – 33lbs
    Manik – 35lbs
    Sasquatch – 35lbs
    Bigfoot – 34lbs

    4_Hun – 30lbs
    250 – 30lbs
    125 – 32lbs

    Vixa – 36.5lbs
    Ari – 27lbs

  • Derrick says:

    norco styk, weight please hope not over 35 cause theyres no resone for it to be that heavy

  • adam says:

    i dont have the weight for the styk – sorry bro.

  • John says:

    Is the empire 5 going to be sold with any other cheeper componet sets or just the one for $3650. Thanks

  • adam says:

    I don’t believe that it will come with different/cheaper components.

  • al says:

    does anyone know whether the havoc will come in all the sizes or is it a one size fits all job? why do th do that with dj bikes, anyway?

  • adam says:

    the havoc will come in S and M

  • al says:

    same with the 250?

  • jon says:

    The A-Line bikes seem rather heavy. The $3150 Atomik is 42lbs but the $4750 A-Line PE is 46lbs! How can they make the A-Line so much heavier than the Team DH using the same frame? I know the rear triangle is different and the Team is air/air but 8.5lbs? Wow. Something has gone wrong there.

    It seems that the Atomik is the bargain bike here.

  • Grixa says:

    New bikes do not look cool. Norco 05-06 was best.

  • Ciku says:

    I’d like to have a Fliud LT… wowW!!

  • Biking says:

    I like the Six-One although I think it’s about $500 too high.

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