Files Lawsuit against Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.


BIG FLATS, N.Y. – Nov 12, 2008 – On September 15, 2008,® filed a lawsuit against Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. (“Specialized”) alleging that certain rims and wheels of Specialized infringe U.S. Patent No. 7,334,846 (the “‘846 patent”). This lawsuit, styled K.G. Motors, Inc. v. Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of New York.

As set forth in NoTubes’s complaint, Specialized is alleged to infringe the ‘846 patent by making, using, selling, offering for sale, and/or importing into the United States certain tubeless wheels and rims, including without limitation Specialized’s Roval brand wheels. The technology disclosed and claimed in the ‘846 patent was invented by NoTubes’s founder and owner, Stan Koziatek, while pursuing a better solution for tubeless bicycle wheels and rims.

source: Stan Koziatek

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  • Indyfab25 says:

    Hmm…are they getting a taste of their own medicine?

  • yup says:

    Well Stan was first.

    Could be a tough battle, Specialized has deep pockets and we all know our legal system benefits those with the most money for the best lawyer(s).

    GO STAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Dave says:

    I hope stan wins this. I’d hate to see the big s put someone else under again.

  • Anonymous says:

    So Stan’s is claiming to have invented the wheel?

  • SkyRider says:

    No Stan REinvented the wheel…

  • ekoostick says:

    Do it Stan! Take them down a notch

  • Doug says:

    I am a huge fan of Specialized bikes and their components. They just know how to design the stuff. But, I’m also not a big proponent of huge corporate dominance. So, Specialized needs a good ‘timeout’ in this case. Good luck to Stan’s!!!!!!

  • Martin says:


  • Dan Gerous says:

    LOL, Specialized don’t know how to design the stuff, they know how to steal ideas and buy creative companies out… Let’s all hope Stan wins this one.

  • Mr. P says:

    What is being violated here? There is no mention in this article of what the actual offense is. It just says offense of importing a tubeless wheel including Roval. I tried reading the patent, but found 20 paragraphs describing a wheel (round, spins, for bikes, etc.)

    Anyone have any insight?


  • Dan Gerous says:

    I think it’s the rim’s shape, NoTubes Bead Socket Technology…

  • Louis says:

    Its funny how Specialized can pursue companys that supposedly “steal” what they “designed” and than when they steal something they act like the victim!!

    I can Honestly say I hate what Specialized represents! I try to root more for the little companys!

    GO STANS GO!!! Abolish the Coporate pigs!!

  • Rogerdoger says:

    This will probably just cause Specialized prices to go up even further. Yea, house brand stuff AND very costly.

    It’s not like Stan’s stuff is a stellar deal either. Rubber rim strips for $25 and their sealant doesn’t even work nearly as well as it used to. They are big business also.

  • dogonfr says:

    Go Stan!!!!! give em hell thats where they belong.

  • Russ, Specialized Supporter! says:

    “Specialized don’t know how to design stuff” nice quote Dan.

    This is for everyone hating on the most inovative mountain bike company to exist to date.

    You’re pretty ignorant huh? Specialized fueled the mountain bike boom, was a pioneer in front and rear suspension, teamed up with fox creating the first inertia valve rear suspension, has the lightest duel crown bike in the market, and because they are also smart at how to do business you are all butt hurt?

    Guess what guys. It’s because of Specialized that the middle class can afford mountain bikes. They manufactured the first mass produced mountain bike ever in the mid 80’s (Stupjumper). So if it wasn’t for them it’s a good chance you wouldn’t have your passion for biking today, because you would be waiting in line for a hand made Tom Ritchey, Gary Fisher, or Joe Breezy the only mountain bike makers at the time (all hand made, few made). And not to mention a Stumpy was half the price of a Fisher Ritchey of Breezy.

    Don’t forget Specialized’s grass roots start. The CEO Mike selling his VW Van, his only asset, to buy his first order of Italian parts that he felt the U.S needed to see/ experience. Or the first company to offer free mechanical support for mountain bike races.

    By the way idiots, No major Bicycle manufacture has an IPO, they are all still privatly owned. Yup even Giant who owns just about all the manufacturing plants overseas. Go try and find a bicycle company for sale on wall street; it doesnt exist.

    Yeah, what a bad company or as you all put it a greedy corporation.. Good job guys, keep riding band wagons, and while your at it, go play hide and go f*** yourselves with each other.

  • Rad Dude says:

    RPM is a pussy for not doing the ride Sat….oh yea, that Russ guy sounds like a prick

  • Rosekrans says:

    Number 17 dude is a knob, ass kisser!

  • Stan Fan says:

    Go Stan…get in those deep pockets and claim what’s yours…and ours.

  • Jhereg says:

    Russ #17, should be specialized swallower not supporter. Unless you mean as in a jock support. I’m no specialized hater, I own a big-hit. But Stans will and SHOULD win this case. Period. It won’t cost Specialized a penny, it will just usher in a change in policy, most likely with a partnership between them which is a win-win for both companies.

  • pit says:

    I’m just an observer, but has anyone actually read the filed complaint online before assuming that Stan’s is in the right? Just a thought. It won’t necessarily be David vs. Goliath here. Stan’s is pretty big business if you ask me.

    By the way Russ, stop sucking on that big S so hard and get some knee pads if you’re going to be down there much longer.

  • nico says:

    Hey, Russ #17, you need to get your facts straight. When you say tha “no major bike manufacturer has an IPO” you meant no bike company is publicly traded? Go go NASDAQ and you can find Cannondale Corp.

    You sound like someone working for the Big S so hush your mouth!

  • The Maniac says:

    Ya look that one up Failed motorcycles Failed ATVs and crack’in fail bicycles Oh ya I wanna invest in them!

    Wake up!

  • tnicoluci says:

    It seems no one here knows exactly what is going on, the patent details and even more who is right and who is wrong.
    This has nothing to do with liking or hating the big S. I have a S bike and love it. Prove me wrong! It is worth every penny.
    And I use Stan’s products as well. They are awesome. So what?!

    This has been a really boring and disapointing comment section…. you all sound like gossiping teenagers in a bad hair day….. should ride more and talk less.

  • JasonW says:

    Like Mr. P (#12) asked, what is being violated here? Just because someone sues doesn’t mean they truly have a case. Could be that Specy has taken Stan’s idea, modified it outside the bounds of what is panted and made a better product than Stan designed and he’s pissed about it. Who knows? Without full info we can’t really judge… that is what the courts are for. As long as Stan doesn’t take a pay off and settle out of court, we’ll know who is in the right.

  • bernard says:

    Really not clear what the scope is of the patent, and how the suit is being implied.

    “846 patent by making, using, selling, offering for sale, and/or importing into the United States certain tubeless wheels and rims, including without limitation Specialized’s Roval brand wheels”… So, does this mean that Stan’s is violating international patents by DT Swiss, Mavic, and others?

    Stan’s is not the first to come up with the technology, it’s been around in the automotive industry or motorcycles for a looong time, bead lock, sealant, etc..

    Let’s see how this plays out..

  • Rides bikes says:

    I own a big S road bike, a couple small boutique bikes and a custom bike. Get over yourselves, you know nothing about their business model (neither do I by the way). Many companies (big and small) who patent technology wind up suing others to protect their investment.
    Why do you hate Specialized and not Stan’s? Stans is suing for technology they don’t even sell anymore. Shouldn’t we all despise them for not allowing other companies to enter the tubeless market? Wouldn’t we all be better off if more companies were able to ride tubeless?
    Do you really think Specalized went online, read the patent and went out and made a wheel to replicate it with the hopes of putting Stan’s out of business? Get serious boneheads.
    Specialized makes good, albeit mass-produced bikes for lots of people and their products sustain lots of employees, dealers, wrenches, races and racers.

    If you don’t like S, don’t buy their stuff, but please save yourselves the embarrassment of your inane views.

  • Alex says:

    Meh, Spec will win it.

    They make a much more mass-market product. They have deeper pockets,and they are an OEM supplier. Stoked.

    Remember, Specialized started out much like Stans. One man, importing stems from Italy, and selling tires out of a VW bus. He just grew the business right, made it huge. Innovated like mad. Now you all hate the S because they are so big.

    I think Stans may have stepped on a land-mine here.

  • horst says:

    Ha, specialized should have to put a notubes sticker on all their rims like the US horst link companies- FSR link my a$$.

  • Butters Rides says:

    I could not be happier to see Specialized get caught with their hand in the cookie jar again. They are the self proclaimed big business model. I have done business with them on the industry side and they are truly unscrupulous! Those who love the bike, that’s fine with me, But, those who come to their defense when it’s a business matter truly don’t know what snakes they truly are!

  • vtdavey says:

    Worst case scenario: Stans wins, Stans goes out of business, no one can sell tubeless rims. or more commonly: Specialized buys Stans patent, stops making tubeless products. Patent abuse. Isn’t this what happened with the inertia valve forks? The Fox Terralogic? That was a great fork. Specialized, Fox and all Stratos fight and the rider is left with nothing!

  • DavidS says:

    Patent cases really aren’t about who’s “right”, except in the sense of how likely one is to prevail in court, or by agreement.
    It’s an odds game that comes up frequently whenever big money can be won thru a relatively small effort in the courts.
    No, it’s not all that gentlemanly, more lawyerly, and just a normal part of business practice.
    Specialized is known for it’s supplying/importing prowess, but much less so as an innovator imho. Designers can be innovators and/or optimizers who simply tailor designs to their product lineup in their market.
    I’ve heard the worst comments from Specialized dealers themselves, but not much lately.

  • wack says:

    bla bla bla bla bla is all i read. who gives a rats a$$. how about everyone instead of bashing each other. hang out and ride together. make trails not war.

    ps. anyone with a road-bike is fruitloop and anyone with a specialized road-bike is a flaming fruitloop………;D

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