ODI and X Fusion Racing Programs Have Agreed To Form As One


ODI / X-Fusion Team Press Release.

This alliance of the ODI and X Fusion Racing has developed both programs into one well founded squad. Team ODI X Fusion is proud to announce their team line up for 2010. The roster will include Sean “Griz” McClendon, Brad Oien, JD Swanguen and Ryan Condrashoff, who will be contesting the Pro GRT championship series and competing in select international events.


Sean McClendon returning to the program after being picked up mid season in 2009 has high expectation for himself. McClendon said, “My whole life revolves around boosting the American downhill scene. For a couple of years I helped cast the media spotlight on riders from our soil and now I’m back to do-battle with them at the races. It’s a childhood dream come true to be racing for Intense and I’m really happy to be back with X-Fusion and ODI.

Brad Oien spent the off season in Australia again because he can’t get enough racing in one hemisphere. Eager for the season to come he said, “2010 is going to be a good and productive year for everyone involved with the ODI X Fusion race program. I’m glad to retain my long running relationship with ODI and begin new ones with companies such as X Fusion!”

JD Swanguen is stepping into the filming world along with keeping his racing at the highest level. He said, “I enjoy showing the amazing life I lead and I couldn’t think of a better team to do it with.”

Ryan Condrashoff has taken on the responsibility of managing the team. Coming back from an injury in 2009 he said, “I am excited to work with the boys to make this our best season ever. 2010 will be an awesome season and thanks to all of our sponsors for making this dream a reality.”

Team ODI X Fusion sponsors:

ODI, X Fusion, Intense Cycles, Intense Tires, SDG Components, Gamut USA, Formula Brakes, Fulcrum, CrankBrothers, Ride SFO, Cane Creek, Cadence Works, Dark Timbers, HyroglyphFX.

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