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TS-2.2P Powder Coated Truing Stand, DW-2 Derailleur Clutch Wrench and CP-1 Chain Whip Pliers

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Park Tool continues to make your life easier with 30+ new offerings for 2015 including their Internal Cable Routing Kit, Disc Brake Mount Facing Set, and Dummy Hub.

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Park Tool Director of Education Calvin Jones and Engineer Max Wunderlich take a break from Interbike 2014 to walk us through the litany of updates to Park Tool’s 2015 line.

Park Tool Interbike 2014 Booth

The new TS-2.2P Powder Coated Truing Stand offers all the same functionality as Park Tool’s chrome truing stand, but with a powder-coated finish, providing a lower price point.

The DW-2 Derailleur Clutch Wrench is a drivetrain wrench designed to adjust Shadow Plus clutch derailleurs.

The DH-1 Dummy Hub slides into rear dropouts and replaces the rear wheel, allowing for chain cleaning and transport. The design on the DH-1 allows the bike to be shifted and ensures the wheel is out of the way creating ample space for a thorough cleaning. A 12mm shaft ensures compatibility with any thru-axle.

Designed to accommodate fat tire bikes, the Extra Wide Storage Hooks are available in machine thread and wood thread options.

DT-5 Disc Brake Mount Facing Set – Park Tools’s new post mount disc brake facing kit is designed for bikes with brakes mounted on the chainstay.

The CP-1 Chain Whip Pliers replaces a chain whip and can be used with one hand to hold cassettes solidly.

Park Tool’s new simple-but-brilliant IR-1 Internal Routing Kit uses magnets to easily route your internal cables. The kit includes 3 unique fittings designed to thread electrical cables, brake and shifter cables and housings, and liners.

Gallery: Park Tool TS-2.2P, DW-2, SZR-1, DT-5, TWB-15 and CP-1

Park Tool Interbike 2014 Gallery

Park Tool TS-2.2P Truing Stand

All the same features of our world famous, chrome plated TS-2.2 truing stand in a more economical, powder-coated version.

  • Uprights accept wheels up to 29” with or without tire
  • Tall, accurate calipers accept rim widths up to 4”
  • Accepts hub widths up to 175mm
  • Powder-coated heavy gauge steel
  • Strong, comfortable knobs
  • Removable/replaceable composite caliper tips protect painted rims
  • Uprights move simultaneously to accommodate front and rear wheels
  • Spring-loaded calipers and caliper arm prevent binding
  • Smooth, accurate operation

Park Tool 470XX and 471XX XL Tire Hooks

Super huge Storage Hooks are big enough to accommodate fat bike wheels/tires. Plated and vinyl dipped for long, scratch free service.

Park Tool AWS13 14-Hex Keys

A diminutive version of our world famous fold-up tools, featuring 3, 4, and 5mm hexes, a T25 Torx® compatible bit, combo screwdriver, and a key ring holder, all in a tough composite case.

Park Tool BBT-49, -59, -69 Bottom Bracket Tools

Precision CNC machined aluminum tool for the installation and removal of external bearing bottom brackets. Anodized for easy identification and featuring a ratchet/ torque wrench compatible 3/8” drive.

Park Tool BBT-19.2 Bottom Bracket Tool

Made from high precision, hardened Cro-Moly steel the BBT-19.2 can be turned with a 3/8" drive wrench, 1" wrench or Park Tool FRW-1 Freewheel Remover Wrench.

Park Tool BCB-4.2 Cleaning Brushes

A clean bike is a happy bike! The BCB-4.2 is four-piece brush set designed specifically to clean bicycles. Ergonomically designed and featuring dual density, sure grip handles, the BCB-4.2 Bike Cleaning Brush Set includes:

  • 1 GSC-1 Gear Clean Brush
  • 1 Tapered Detail Brush
  • 1 Frame Cleaning Sponge/Bristle Brush
  • 1 Soft Bristle Soaping Brush

Park Tool CP-1 Cassette Pliers

Secure engagement, easy to use, and fast! The CP-1 quickly grips cogs from 9 to 24 teeth with no manual adjustments. A great shop tool, the CP-1 is 13.7" (35cm) long and can be used with one hand to hold cassettes solidly during lock ring removal. Forged steel construction with a spring loaded return and comfortable dual density grips.

Park Tool DH-1 Dummy Hub

Also called a sleeping hub, the DH-1 slides into rear dropouts and replaces the rear wheel for chain cleaning and transport. The DH-1 works with all derailleur and 1/8" chain. The unique design allows the bike to be shifted and works with open dropout and thru-axle frames up to 12mm.

Park Tool DT-5 Disc Brake Mount Facing

Engineered and built to accurately face front or rear disc brake mounts to be precisely aligned to rotor.

  • Works on both post mounts and IS brake mounts
  • Low clearance to access chainstay post mounts
  • Works on 100mm width open dropout froks, 100mm width 15mm thru axle forks, and 20mm thru axle forks
  • Includes axles and skewers for 100/135mm open dropout spacing
  • Includes adaptors for thru axle frames in 135, 142, 150, and 157mm widths
  • Includes two different cutters: one for IS mounts, one for post mounts

Park Tool DW-2 Clutch Wrench

A small, thin wrench with 5.5mm and 3mm openings designed to fit the rear derailleur clutch tension adjuster on Shimano XT, SLX, Deore, Saint and Zee rear Shadow Plus (+) derailleurs and all previous Shadow Plus models.

Park Tool HCW-18 Bottom Bracket Wrench

The double-ended HCW-18 spanner fits slotted adjusting cones found on some one-piece cranks. The opposite end fits three-notched fixed-cones on some one piece cranks.

Park Tool HR-15 Hex Wrench

15mm L-shaped hex wrench to fit Shimano rear thru-axle freehubs.

  • 15mm
  • Through-hardened industrial quality steel
  • Chamfered tips for a precision fit

Park Tool IR-1 Internal Cable Kit

Take the guesswork out of installing cables, wires, and housing inside the frame. The IR-1 speeds the internal frame routing of electric wires, shift cable/housing, brake cable/housing, and hydraulic tubing on carbon fiber, Ti, and aluminum frames. Kit includes three plastic coated 250cm cables with attached magnets and unique fittings, plus an external guide magnet to speed operation. Opposite polarity magnets on cables seek and attach inside frame tubes, making it easy to route through frame entrances and exits. Works with any size frame including tandems.

Park Tool MUG-50 50th Anniversary Coffee Mug and Hashtag Sticker

The perfect conveyance for your hot beverage. This ceramic cup is white on the outside and blue on the inside and commemorates 50 years of tool making.

Park Tool SW-7.2 Triple Spoke Wrench

Updated to fit better in the hand with a more rounded, smoother shape. the precision sized SW-7.2 fits the three most popular spoke nipple sizes on the market. Nickel plated for years of service. Designed for the home mechanic. Fits the following size spoke nipples:

  • .127" (3.23mm)
  • .130" (3.30mm)
  • .136" (3.45mm)

Park Tool SW-20.2 and SW-22.2 Master Spoke Wrenches

Destined to become a classic! The Master Spoke Wrench is an investment cast workhorse poured from the best steel, precisely machined, heat treated for hardness, then polished and plated. The result is a smooth, solid, perfectly balanced steel spoke wrench designed and built to fit perfectly in your hand and provide years of every day service. The SW-20.2 is a three-sided spoke wrench the same size as the SW-0 (black) for .127” (3.23mm) nipples. The SW-22.2 is a three-sided spoke wrench the same size as the SW-2 (red) for .136” (3.45mm) nipples.

Park Tool SZR-1 Shop Scissors

Shop quality scissors with sturdy, stainless steel blades and a dual density grip. Perfect for a wide range of mechanic's duties including cutting zip-ties, boxes, bar tape and handle grips.

Park Tool TL-1.2 Tire Lever Set

Updated to be stronger, smoother, and more versatile, the TL-1.2 features a new material and redesigned tip for easier entry into just about any tire, including tubeless. The unique design lifts the tire away from the rim and features a spoke hook to use when multiple levers are needed.

Park Tool TL-4.2 Tire Lever Set

Updated with a new material and new design. The TL-4.2 features a wide flat tip for easy entry and fast tire removal, ergonomic shape and a handy spoke hook when multiple levers are needed. Perfect for tight beads and tubeless tires. Sold in sets of two.

Park Tool TWB-15 Pedal Crows Foot

The TWB-15 is used with any 3/8” drive torque wrench to verify pedals are torqued to the correct spec. Laser cut, heat treated and plated for long life.

Park Tool UP-SET Utility Picks

A set of three unique, multi-purpose picks ideal for a wide variety of detail work.

  • Aluminum handle with magnet
  • Picks are replaceable, cold formed, heat treated and polished high carbon steel.
  • Set includes 1-straight, 1-hook and 1-90 degree pick

Park Tool Interbike 2014 Booth

Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle specific tools since 1963. Based out of St. Paul Minnesota, we are the world's largest bicycle tool manufacturer.

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