Paul Component’s stem cap Camera Mount puts GoPro front-and-center

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Paul Component Engineering’s Camera Mount replaces the top cap of a threadless stem, providing a secure mount for GoPro cameras. Photo courtesy of Paul Component.

Paul Component Engineering has entered the world of GoPro mounts with a new offering simply called Camera Mount. The 24-gram aluminum mounting bracket replaces the headset top-cap, securely attach-ing a POV camera to the bike without taking up handlebar real estate.

The idea for the tidy little mount came to eponymous company founder Paul Price during a day of riding in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains not far from the company’s Chico, Calif. facilities.

“I was riding in Downieville and noticed that everybody had at least one GoPro camera, while some people had multiples,” said Price. “But they all had plastic mounts and I started thinking, ‘There must be a way to mount a camera that will be really solid, yet still allow the user a good view of the trail.’”

Photo courtesy of Paul Component.

The resulting Camera Mount is compatible with GoPro HERO3, HERO2, and HD HERO cameras. It uses the existing cap bolt of a 1-1/8-inch threadless stem to secure the mount, and aligns the camera’s point-of-view over the handlebars and directly forward. Though it was designed with mountain bikes in mind, the Camera Mount works with road bikes as well.

Photo courtesy of Paul Component.

Now in their 25th year, Paul Component Engineering began as a manufacturer of seatpost quick releases and has expanded to produce a wide variety of bicycle components. Their current product line includes brakes, brake accessories, cranks, hubs, seatposts, light mounts, camera mounts and other machined accessories.

Video: This quick edit offers a glimpse of the point-of-view action the Paul Camera Mount captures when used in conjunction with a GoPro camera.

The Paul Camera Mount:

  • Compatible with HERO3, HERO2, and HD HERO Original GoPro cameras
  • Composed of 6061 Aluminum
  • Replaces the top cap of 1-1/8-inch threadless stems
  • Weight: 24g
  • Available in anodized Black or Silver
  • Price: $49.99

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About the author: Emily Neuman

A veteran of the both the bike and hospitality industries contributor Emily Neuman can spin a tale, then mix a drink to go along with it. Though she only found Cycling (hey, some people capitalize god) in the past few years, her quiver of bicycles reflects an enthusiastic gusto for the sport/culture/funness. Road, mountain, cross, commute—it doesn’t matter. Emily on a bike is a rolling smile that emits squeaks of joy and excitement.

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  • Evan says:

    The the POV of my personal bits.

  • Daniel says:

    I’m not digging the vertical mounting. If it were to extend over the stem to keep the camera lower I would be all over getting one.

  • Colin says:

    It gets the camera in the right spot but that stout aluminum is going to kill or castrate somebody. It needs some sort of breakaway that allows it to come apart before you impale yourself on that.

  • Dave says:

    Interesting. But I have to agree it looks like a bit of a hazard. The K-Edge handlebar mount seems to be more forward and out of the way.

  • Chris says:

    Put simply this looks DANGEROUS and I can see someone getting a bad injury from this at some point in the future. Unless riders start wearing a MX style chest protector.

  • Sea Urchin says:

    They haven’t even used a current camera, it’s an old Hero.
    Very dangerous mount, probably the most stupid thing I have ever seen..!

  • teleken says:

    Like all other bike mounts your MTB video will always be “shakey cam.”

    • Fleas says:

      This mount would be especially shakey (electronic image stabilization will NOT handle that). Add a rigid fork to the mix and you get no useable footage at all – except when you’re stopped.

      Having the camera on ones head offers the smoothest (and watchable) results.

      And yes, it looks dangerous.

  • Andy says:

    Paul’s do good things and can do better than this. Dangerous for rider, camera and a bit too solid… Love cool machined gadgets but would rather a plastic bracket that will ‘break away’, saving the rider, bike and the camera… Preferably located elsewhere.

  • Kerry Lensing says:

    I have one and it works great! The video is nice and smooth. As far as the whining about it being dangerous…Please, you’re riding a mountain bike? Maybe we should just stick with bike paths. Now that would be some exciting video.

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